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PhD Students @ CSE
PhD Student
Name and Research Area Contact

Aditya Ahuja

Computer Networks, Algorithms

Email:  aditya.ahuja AT

Office :

Entry number:2014CSZ8207

Anirban Sen

Information dissemination in social networks

Email:  anirban AT

Office : Room No 410, Data Analytics Lab, SIT Building

Entry number:2014CSZ8208

Ankit Singhal

Algorithmic Computational Biology

Email:  anz138011 AT

Office : Room No. 212, ANSK school of IT

Entry number:2013ANZ8011

Arindam Bhattacharya

Reinforcement Learning, Planning

Email:  arindam AT

Office : DAIR Lab (SIT 410), IIT Delhi

Entry number:2016CSZ8114

Aruna Bansal

Distributed Systems, Databases, mHealth

Email:  aruna AT

Office : Room no.- 212, Medical lab, SIT building

Entry number:2011ANZ8221

Chandrika Bhardwaj

Information Security, Verification, Distributed systems.

Email:  chandrika AT

Office : Verification Lab, Third Floor, Bharti Building, IIT Delhi

Entry number:2012CSZ8276

Dilpreet Kaur

Machine Learning, IoT

Email:  dilpreey AT

Office : 7363

Entry number: 2015CSZ8041

Dinesh Khandelwal

Machine Learning, Graphical models

Email:  csz138294 AT

Office : Research Scholars Room

Entry number:2013CSZ8294

Dinesh Khandelwal

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing

Email:  csz158042 AT

Office : Room No 410, Data Analytics Lab, SIT Building

Entry number:2015CSZ8042

Divyanshu Bagga

Semantics and Verification

Email:  divyanshu AT

Office :

Entry number:2013csz138107

Hadi Brais


Email:  csz148244 AT

Office : Room 306 SIT Building

Entry number:2014CSZ8244

Happy Mittal

Statistical Relational Learning, Probabilistic Graphical Models

Email:   happy2332 AT

Office : 410, SIT Building, IIT Delhi

Entry number:2013CSZ8233

Himanshu Jain

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Email:  csz138519 AT

Office : Room No 301, Research Scholar's Room, SIT Building

Entry number:2013CSZ8519

Iqra Altaf Gillani

Probabilistic Analysis of Data Networks, Distributed Function Computation

Email:  iqraaltaf AT

Office : Room No 301, Research Scholar Room-Wing A, SIT Building

Entry number:2015CSZ8491

Janib Bashir

Computer Architecture, High Performance computing and systems

Email:  janibbashir AT

Office : Room No 309, SIT Building

Entry number:2015CSZ8489

Lokesh Siddhu

Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture.

Email:  siddhulokesh AT

Office : Room 301, Research Scholar Room-A, SIT building

Entry number:2014CSZ8382

Madhulika Mohanty

Information Retrieval

Email:  madhulikam AT

Office : Room No. 410, Data Analytics Lab, SIT Building

Entry number:2012CSZ8279

Nikhil Kumar

Approximation Algorithms

Email:  csz148210 AT

Office : Room No. 505, Bharti Building

Entry number:2014CSZ8210

Omais Shafi

Computer Architecture, Security in hardware

Email: omais.shafi AT

Office : Architecture Lab, 306, SIT Building 3rd floor

Entry number:2016CSZ8514

Prachi Jain

Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning

Email:  csz148211 AT

Office : Room no. 410 (DAIR Lab), SIT Building

Entry number:2014CSZ8211

Prajna Upadhyay

Information Retrieval

Email:  prajna.upadhyay AT

Office : DAIR Lab (Room no. 410), Khosla Building, IIT Delhi

Entry number:2013CSZ8110

Rajesh Kedia

Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture

Email:  kedia AT

Office : Research Scholar Room-A, SIT building

Entry number:2014CSZ8383

Sakshi Tiwari

Architecture and Embedded Systems

Email:  sakshi AT

Office : Room no 306, SIT Building

Entry number:2014CSZ8417

Sanjana Singh

Concurrent systems verification

Email:  sanjana.singh AT

Office : Verification Lab (Room No 411), Bharti Building

Entry number: 2016CSZ8122

Saurabh Tewari

Compiler, Reconfigurable Architecture

Email:  csz158046 AT

Office : Room no 309, SIT Building

Entry number:2015CSZ8046

Shailja Pandey

Systems, Compilers

Email:   csz168117 AT

Office : Room no 411, SIT Building, IIT Delhi

Entry number:2016CSZ8117

Shashank Sharma

Computational Biology

Email:  shashank AT

Office : 212, Medical Applications of IT and Graphics Modeling Lab,School of IT Building

Entry number:2013ANZ8012

Shubhankar Suman Singh

High Performance Computing and Systems, Architecture and Embedded Systems, Operating Systems

Email:  shubhankar AT

Office : SIT Building, Room 306

Entry number:2016CSZ8113

Solomon Abera

Multicore power optimization

Email:  solo2abera AT

Office : SIT Building, Room 307

Entry number:2014CSZ8241

Vishal Sharma

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Email:  vishal.sharma AT

Office : Room 309, SIT Building

Entry number:2016CSZ8119

Yashoteja Prabhu

Extreme Multi-Label Classification, Ranking and Recommendation

Email:  yashoteja AT

Office : Research Scholar Room-A, SIT building

Entry number:2013CSZ8234


Embedded Security for Internet of things

Email:  anz157549 AT

Office : Room No. 212, Medical & IT Lab , SIT building

Entry number: 2015ANZ7549

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