Graphics & Vision Summer School

The IITD CSE Department is hosting a summer school on computer graphics and computer vision in summer 2024. This school is intended to give students a deep dive into the fundamentals of graphics and vision, along with hands-on experience in working on practical projects in these areas. Click here to find out more.


CSE Research Symposium

The IITD CSE Department and ACES-ACM (IITD chapter of ACM) are organizing a symposium on 19th and 20th April 2024. The symposium will feature talks by CSE PhD students and invited speakers Indrajit Bhattacharya (TCS) and Akash Lal (Microsoft). Click here to find out more!


Winter System School

IITD CSE department is organizing a winter systems school We will study classic and contemporary topics in program analysis and optimization, taught by Sorav Bansal and Kumar Madhukar. Click to find out more


CS Theory Winter School

IIT Delhi's CSE department is organizing a winter school on theoretical computer science from December 11 to 14, 2023. Click to find out more and apply by October 31, 2023.


CSE student receives gold medal

Our student Archit Bubna (2019CS10331) has received the President's Gold Medal during Convocation 2023. Congratulations Archit!


Winter Systems School

IITD CSE department is organizing a winter systems school where we will study two computer systems areas: cybersecurity and cloud computing. Click to find out more and apply by Oct 15th.


CS Theory Winter School

IITD CSE department is organizing a winter school on theoretical computer science during Dec 5-9, 2022. Click to find out more and apply by Oct 25!


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Collaboration activities

29 March, 2022: Prof. Abhilash Jindal wins #MobiCom2021 Best Community Paper Award. The paper "Experience: Developing a Usable Battery Drain Testing and Diagnostic Tool for
the Mobile Industry" (

Congratulations to Prof. Abhilash Jindal

25.1.2021:  Abhilash Jindal joins the department as Assistant Professor

25.1.2021: Nikhil Balaji joins the department as Assistant Professor

December 3rd 2020:  Faculty members and students of CSE Department organised and participated in the Indo-Japanese Online Workshop on Security in the IoT Space with Kyushu University:

Faculty awards and achievements

10 April, 2024: Prof. Preeti Ranjan Panda has received Qualcomm Faculty Award 2024

12 Sep, 2023: Prof. Sayan Ranu has selected as INSA Associate Fellow.

13 Feb, 2023: Prof. Abhijnan Chakraborty has received Young Engineers Award 2022-23 in Computer Engineering by the Institution of Engineers

Congratulations to Prof. Abhijnan Chakraborty

Student awards and achievements

27 Oct, 2023: Kushagra Gupta (2021CS50592) has received UPE ACM Scholarship Award

Archit Bubna 2019CS10331 has received President's Gold Medal

Vishal Bindal (2018CS50425), Arnav Tuli (2019CS10424) and Chirag Mohapatra (2018CS50403) have received BOSS Award for Best project Award

Avantika Agarwal (2019CS10338) andHimanshu Gaurav Singh (2019CS10358) have received the Suresh Chandra Memorial Award for Undergarduates.

Harshit Verma (2021MCS2133) and Nikita Bhamu (2018CS50413) have received the Suresh Chandra Memorial Award for Postgarduates.

8 May, 2023: Ms. Shivangi Bithel has been awarded an ACM-W scholarship for attendance at ACM SIGIR 2023.

Editorial boards and Program Chairs

Prof. Preeti Ranjan Panda has been appointed the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Embedded Systems Letters (ESL), a journal of the IEEE Council for Electronic Design Automation. IEEE ESL aims at quick dissemination of important research advances in the embedded systems area.

Sanjiva Prasad been appointed Editor-in-Chief of ACM Books.

Sanjiva Prasad is an Associate Editor of the VNU Journal of Science Computer Science and Communication Engineering (Vietnam)

Technology transfer

OnBoard - a device that facilitates boarding of pulbilc buses by visually impaired was successfully tested on 25 BEST buses in Mumbai for more than 2 months. The technology is now being transferred to KritiKal Solutions for scaling up production and full scale deployment.

Sorav Bansal developed the course “Operating Systems” for NPTEL.

The department has recently developed security product prototypes of Vehicle authorization system and Vehicle underside scanner in collaboration with Kritikal Solutions and some other private companies. BEL and ECIL, two leading public sector companies in the country, have decided to acquire the technologies from IITD and the technologies are being transferred to them.

Department News

24.01.2024: Prof. Rajendra Kumar joins the Department as Assistant Professor

24.01.2024: Prof. Priyanka Golia joins the Department as Assistant Professor

01.09.2023: Prof. Tarun Mangla joins the Department as Assistant Professor

Departmental Activities

Rijurekha Sen's work on Air Pollution Monitoring is in the news.

ACT4D: A new research group on ICTD

Assistech: A new research group on assistive technologies

Latest Projects

DADS: Distributed Attestation for Device Swarms

Emerging trends in embedded systems, such as applications on Industrial control and IoTs, involve heterogeneous and mobile devices to communicate, process and exchange safety, privacy and mission critical information. These smart interconnected devices often operate in large number. These facts along with the nature of the devices make them susceptible to a wide range of attacks. Various approache...

Analysis of the Spread of Information on Twitter and its Application to Internet Content Distribution

With rapidly growing traffic volumes on the Internet, service providers are finding it increasingly hard to manage delivery of content to end users. We observe that a large portion of the traffic is contributed and accessed by Online Social Networking (OSN) websites, and we attempt to leverage this fact to build better content placement and caching strategies for Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). ...

The rich and middle classes on Twitter: Are popular users indeed different from regular users?

Online social networking (OSN) websites such as Twitter and Facebook are known to have a wide heterogeneity in the popularity of their users, counted typically in terms of the number of followers or friends of the users. We add to the large body of work on information diffusion on online social networking websites, by studying how the behavior of the small minority of very popular users on Twitter...

Optimal Radius for Connectivity in Duty-Cycled Wireless Sensor Networks

We investigate the condition on transmission radius needed to achieve connectivity in duty-cycled wireless sensor networks (briefly, DC-WSN). First, we settle a conjecture of Das et. al. (2012) and prove that the connectivity condition on Random Geometric Graphs (RGG), given by Gupta and Kumar (1989), can be used to derive a weak sufficient condition to achieve connectivity in DCWSN. To find a str...

Sec-X: A Framework for Collecting Runtime Statistics for SoCs with Multiple Accelerators

We are moving into an era where large SoCs will have a portfolio of different kinds of cores and accelerators. Many of these computational elements might be designed by third parties. In this setting, it is beneficial to collect accurate runtime information such that we can diagnose performance problems, verify and report correctness issues, and collect usage scenarios of third party hardware. Thi...

Fast Dynamic Binary Translation for the Kernel

Dynamic binary translation (DBT) is a powerful technique with several important applications. System-level binary translators have been used for implementing a Virtual Machine Monitor [2] and for instrumentation in the OS kernel [10]. In current designs, the performance overhead of binary translation on kernel-intensive workloads is high. e.g., over 10x slowdowns were reported on the sys...

MajSynth : An n-input Majority Algebra based Logic Synthesis Tool for Quantum-dot Cellular Automata

We need specialized logic synthesis methods to exploit the 3- input Majority gate, the primary logic element of the emerging Quantum-dot Cellular Automata paradigm. Existing methods take a narrow approach of manipulating functions into a network of 3-input Majority functions with no knowledge of larger Majority functions, and hence fall short while minimizing large Boolean functions. In thi...

Building citizen engagement into the implementation of welfare schemes in rural India

Citizen feedback on the implementation of social welfare schemes can help fine tune their design, understand problems, and assess the benefits and impact from these schemes. Such feedback loops however are singularly missing in most schemes in India, and are conveyed only indirectly via civil society and social audit organizations that try to serve as a bridge between citizens and the government. ...

Result Clustering for Keyword Search on Graphs

Graph structured data on the web is now massive as well as diverse, ranging from social networks, web graphs to knowledge-bases. Effectively querying this graph structured data is non-trivial and has led to research in a variety of directions structured queries, keyword and natural language queries, automatic translation of these queries to structured queries, etc. In this project, we are con...

Sampling and Reconstruction using Bloom Filters

In this paper, we address the problem of sampling from a set and reconstructing a set stored as a Bloom filter. To the best of our knowledge our work is the first to address this question. We introduce a novel hierarchical data structure called BloomSampleTree that helps us design efficient algorithms to extract an almost uniform sample from the set stored in a Bloom filter and also allows u...

Towards developing a Technical Knowledge-Base for Personalized Learning

A commonly faced challenge by enthusiastic learners is to build a complete and well-rounded understanding of a topic of interest. While understanding the big picture is equally important, it is also necessary that the learning material be presented to the user in the correct order. Understanding the content from a textbook would be too overwhelming for a reader who has very little background on a ...

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