research in the srishti group

The group is primarily involved in the following sub-areas of computer systems (computer architecture, operating systems, and distributed systems):
1. Design of intelligent systems (software/hardware/IoT/embedded)
2. Systems security (software, hardware, and IoT)

Intelligent Systems
The aim here is to create efficient software and hardware based on leaning patterns in code, and data. For example, we are working on creating efficient operating systems by understanding how programs access and interact with an OS. We are designing efficient learning systems in computer vision systems, and drones based on their unique characteristics. Intelligent systems are not limited to specific software or hardware platforms, nowadays learning techniques can be used in a wide variety of situations. For example, we can use them to estimate on-chip temperatures better. This area has a very broad scope, and some of the futuristic projects are as follows:

1. Learning algorithms for self driving cars
2. Algorithms for power efficient computer vision
3. Learning and inferencing for high-frequency stock market trading
4. Methods to design efficient operating systems using AI techiques
5. FPGA and VLSI technologies for drones and smart cars

Secure Embedded Systems, and IoT Technologies
Security is at the heart of every modern system as of today. It is not possible to envision an embedded or IoT system, or a telecom system without built-in security. A large part ofour group works on enhancing the security of the hardware and software involved in today's complex systems. We work on almost all aspect of cyber-security including software and hardware security.

The projects page lists the current list of research projects that are underway. We have a set of project openings listed here. Interested M.Tech and B.Tech students with an outstanding academic record can send me their resumes. We are perennially in search of smart students who can come and work with us. Please contact Prof. Sarangi, if you are interested in working in the SRISHTI group in any capacity. Students who want to pursue a MS/Ph.D in the future, but are not currently sure can spend some time working with the group and try getting a feel for research.