research group members

Ph.D Students
  1. Sandeep Kumar 
  2. Nivedita Shrivastava
  3. Akanksha Dixit
  4. Rahul Kanyal
  5. Shruti Pandey (co-advisor: Prof. Jayadeva)
  6. Abhisek Panda
  7. Ani Sunny
  8. Aman Shreshtha (co-advisor: Prof. Brejesh Lall)
Graduated Ph.D Students
  1. Ms. Priyanka Singla (Thesis submitted in Nov, 2022)
    Thesis title: Efficient Architectures and Networks for Energy Harvesting Systems
    First job: Intel, Bangalore
  2. Dr. Shubhankar Suman Singh (May, 2023)
    Thesis title: A Comparative Approach for Understanding, Analyzing, and Predicting the Behavior of Full Systems
    First job: Huawei Research, Bangalore
  3. Dr. Diksha Moolchandani (co-advisor Prof. Anshul Kumar) (March, 2022)
    Thesis title: Scheduling and Characterization of Computer Vision Workloads on Heterogeneous Systems
    First job: IMEC, Belgium
  4. Dr. Hameedah Sultan (Oct, 2021).
    Thesis title: Ultra-Fast Temperature Estimation Methods for Architecture-Level Thermal Modeling.
    First job: Qualcomm, Singapore
  5. Dr. Janibul Bashir (June, 2020)
    Thesis title: Leveraging Silicon Nanophotonics for On-chip and Off-chip Communication
    First job: NIT Srinagar 
  6. Dr. Neetu Jindal (co-advisor: Prof. Preeti Panda) (October, 2019)
    Thesis title: Reusing Design-for-debug Hardware to Enhance Performance
    First job:  Intel, Bangalore
  7. Dr. Prathmesh Kallurkar (October, 2018)
    Thesis title: Architectural Support for Enhanced Performance of OS Intensive Applications
    First job:  Intel Research Labs, Bangalore
  8. Dr. Sandeep Chandran (co-advisor Prof. Preeti Panda)(November, 2017)
    Thesis title: FlexDFD: Flexible DFD Hardware For Efficient Post-Silicon Validation
    Award: Best industrially relevant Ph.D by FITT, IIT Delhi
    First job:  AMD Bangalore. (Now faculty in IIT Palakkad)
  9. Dr. Rajshekar Kalayappan (September, 2017)
    Thesis title: Employing Redundancy based Techniques to provide Reliability, Security, and Accountability in Modern Processors
    First job:  Assistant Professor, IIT Dharwad
  10. Dr. Gayathri Ananthanarayanan  (co-advisor Prof. M. Balakrishnan) (Aug 2017)
    Thesis title: Techniques to Estimate and Mitigate the Effects of Thermal Coupling and Process Variation in Manycore Processors
    First job:  Post-doc NUS Singapore
  11. Dr. Eldhose Peter (Jan 2017)
    Thesis title: Power-efficient On-chip Optical Interconnects
    First job: NVidia Bangalore
  12. Dr. Pooja Aggarwal (June 2016)
    Thesis Title: Theory and Applications of Non-Blocking Slot Schedulers
    First job: IBM Research Labs, Bangalore

M.Tech/ M.S/Dual Students

  1. Yashashwee Chakraborty
  2. Damandeep Singh (Major in the Indian army)
  3. Gaurav Harjule (Major in the Indian army)
  4. Soham Nag
  5. Rohit V. (MSR)

  1. Akshin Singh (MSR) (first job: Qualcomm Bangalore)
  2. Mehul Bose (first job: AMD, Delhi)
  3. Bivas Dutta (first job: Oracle, Bangalore)
  4. Harshit Verma (first job: JustDial, Bangalore)
  5. Nikita Bhamu (first job: Amazon, Bangalore)

    1. Dipika Tanwar (first job: Samsung Technologies)
    2. Satyam Jay (first job: Pepperfry Technologies)

    1. Anjali Agrawal (first job: Intel)
    2.  K. Yadav (Air Force Officer)
    3. Samiksha Agarwal (first job: Indie Semiconductors, Edinburgh, Scotland)

     1. Shashank Varshney (first job: Intel
     2. Ankit Gola (first job: Intel)
     3. Anand Singh (first job: Dell)
     4. Ravi Shankar Singh (first job: PayU Technologies)


  1. Apoorva Temurnikar (first job: Intel)
  2. Sakshi Goel (first job: Goldman Sachs)
  3. Bhumika Singh (first job: Goldman Sachs)
  4. Saurabh Kapoor (first job: Intel)
    1. Srishty Patel (first job: Microsoft)
     2. Pallavi Sethi (first job: Microsoft)
     3. Sanjog Patil (first job: Cypress)

  1. Hameedah Sultan (first job: joined Ph.D at IIT Delhi)
  2. Priyanka Bhayana (first job: Oracle)
  3. Coca Sai Prajeeth (first job: Google)
  4. Akriti Bagaria (first job: Intel)
  5. Karishma Agarwal (first job: Oracle) (Best M.Tech thesis award)
  6. Seep Goel (first job: IBM Research)
  7. Ishani Mahajan (first job: Cisco)
  8. Arpit Katiyar (first job: Samsung Research)
  9. Monica Mahsalkar (first job: Citibank)
  10. T. A. Mahadevan (first job: Netapp)
  1. Geetika Malhotra (first job: Intel) (Best M.Tech Thesis Award)
  2. Rohan Bhalla (first job: Samsung)
  3. Anuj Arora (first job: Cisco)
        1.  Eldhose Peter (first job: joined Ph.D at IIT Delhi)
        2.  Nitin Gupta (first job: Amazon)
        3.  Mayur Harne (first job: Nvidia)
        4. Harsh Prasad (co-supervisor Prof. M. Balakrishnan)

        1.  Rajshekar Kalayappan (first job: joined Ph.D at IIT Delhi)
        2.  Prathmesh Kallurkar (first job: joined Ph.D at IIT Delhi)
        3.  Moksh Upadhyay (first job: IBM Microelectronics)
        4. Abhishek Sagar  (co-supervisor Prof. M. Balakrishnan) (first job: Adobe Systems)
        5.  Kapil Khanna  (co-supervisor Prof. M. Balakrishnan) (first job: Microsoft)
        6. Pavan Jayaram Joshi (co-supervisor Prof. M. Balakrishnan)
        7. Lalitha Vurakaranam (co-supervisor Prof. M. Balakrishnan)
        8. Solomon Abera Bekele (co-supervisor Prof. M. Balakrishnan)
        9. Seema Sethia (co-supervsior Prof. Shouri Chatterjee, Prof. Amit Gupta)
        10. Soumit Biswas (co-supervisor Prof. Shouri Chatterjee)