Name and Research Area Contact

S. Arun Kumar
Head, CSE

Semantics and Verification

E-mail:    sak AT cse.iitd.ac.in

 +91 (11) 26591291 (HoD office)
 +91 (11) 26591287

Faculty @ CSE

Amitabha Bagchi
Associate Professor

Structural properties of networks, Algorithms, Data Structures

E-mail:     bagchi AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Phone: +91 (11) 2659 6397

M. Balakrishnan

CAD for VLSI, Computer Architecture

E-mail:    mbala AT cse.iitd.ernet.in

Phone: +91 11 26591285 

Subhashis Banerjee

Computer Vision, Real-time Systems, Robotics

E-mail:    suban AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Phone: +91 (11) 26591288

Sorav Bansal
Assistant Professor

Operating System, Compilers

Email: sbansal AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Naveen Garg

Algorithms, Optimization

E-mail: naveen AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Phone:+91 11 26591296

Rahul Garg

Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Neuroimaging, High Performance Computing

E-mail:    rahulgarg AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Ragesh Jaiswal
Assistant Professor

Algorithms, Complexity Analysis

E-mail: rjaiswal AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Prem Kalra

Computer Graphics, 3D Animation

E-mail:    pkalra AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Phone: +91 (11) 2659 1295

Saroj Kaushik

Artificial Intelligence, Location Based Services

E-mail:    saroj AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Phone: +91 11 2659 1292

Amit Kumar

Algorithms, Computer Networks

E-mail:    amitk AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Phone : +91-11-26591286

Anshul Kumar

CAD for VLSI, Computer Architecture

E-mail: anshul AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Phone: +91 (11)  26591321

Subodh Kumar

Computer Graphics, Visualization, Geometry

Email: subodh AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Tel: +91 11 2659 6032

Associate Professor

Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing

E-mail:    mausam AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Preeti R. Panda

Embedded Systems, CAD for VLSI

E-mail:    panda AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Phone: +91-11-2659-6030

Kolin Paul

Reconfigurable Computing, Embedded Systems

E-mail:    kolin AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Phone: (91) (11) 2659-6033

Sanjiva Prasad

Programming Languages, Concurrent Systems

E-mail:    sanjiva AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Phone: (+91 11) 26591294 (Office)

(+91 11) 2651 5652 (Res)

(+91 11) 2659 1684 (Res)

Vinay Joseph Ribeiro
Associate Professor

Computer and Network Security (Blockchain, DDoS, IoT security, DDoS), Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless Networks (cognitive radio, LTE, Wi-Fi etc.), Indoor positioning and navigation

E-mail:    vinay AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Phone:    (91)-11-2659-1297

Maya Ramanath
Assistant Professor

Database and Information Retrieval Techniques for Semantic Web Data Management, Information Extraction and Opinion Mining

Email:    ramanath AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Huzur Saran

High Speed Networks, Graph Theory, Algorithms

E-mail:    saran AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Phone: +91 11 2659-1290

Smruti Ranjan Sarangi
Associate Professor

Computer Architecture, Operating Systems

E-mail:    srsarangi AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Tel: +91 11 2659 7065

Aaditeshwar Seth
Associate Professor

Computer networks, Social network analysis, Information and Communication Technologies for Development

E-mail:    aseth AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Sandeep Sen

Computational Geometry, Algorithms

E-mail:    ssen AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Phone: +91 11 2659-1293

Home phone: +91 11 2685-4287

Sayan Ranu
Assistant Professor

Data analytics, graph indexing and mining, social network analysis, querying and mining spatio-temporal data, and bioinformatics

E-mail:    sayanranu AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Phone: +91 11 2659-6383

Subodh Sharma
Assistant Professor

Formal Methods, Program Analysis, Concurrent Systems

E-mail:    svs AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Tel: +91 11 2659 7639

Parag Singla
Assistant Professor

Machine Learning, Social Network Analysis,Artificial Intelligence

E-mail:    parags AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Rijurekha Sen
Assistant Professor

Mobile and embedded systems (hardware architecture, OS, sensing, efficient processing, security), Computational sustainability

E-mail:    riju AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Visiting Faculty

S. C. Gupta
Visiting Faculty

Software Engineering, Databases, Cloud Computing, Software Defined Storage and Networks

E-mail:    scgupta AT cse.iitd.ac.in

B. N. Jain

Ad-hoc Networks, Sensor Networks, High-speed Networks, Network Security

E-mail: bnj AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Emeritus professors

Shyam Gupta

Graph Theory, Databases

E-mail:    skg AT cse.iitd.ac.in


S.N Maheshwari
Emeritus Faculty

Algorithms, Parallel Processing, Information Systems

E-mail: snm AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Ph:    +91 (11) 2659 1283

Guest faculty

Subhash Bhalla

New Query Languages for Web-users, Distributed Information Systems, Management of voluminous data

E-mail:    bhalla AT u-aizu.ac.jp
Adjunct Faculty

Srikant Bedathur

Computer Science, Data Management, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Natural Language Processing

Deepak Kapur

Formal methods, program analysis, distributed computing, and social aspects of computing.

Dr. Yogish Sabharwal

High Performance Computing Group IBM India Research

Manik Varma

Machine Learning and Computer Vision

E-mail:    manik AT cse.iitd.ac.in

Nisheeth Vishnoi

Algorithms, Complexity and Optimization

Dr. Rajeev Shorey

Communication Networks,Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

E-mail:    rajeev.shorey AT tcs.com
Faculty associated with CSE in the past

Shweta Agrawal

Cryptography, Information Theory

E-mail:    shweta AT cse.iitd.ac.in

K. K. Biswas
Emeritus Faculty

Computer Vision, AI

E-mail: kkb AT cse.iitd.ernet.in

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