Sayan Ranu



Paper Alert!

Signed graphs capture nuances that regular graphs cannot. How can we maximize balance in signed graphs? Our work, which will appear in WSDM 2021, studies this problem. Congrats to the entire team and particularly Kartik!

Paper Alert!

Can we learn combinatorial algorithms on billion-scale graphs? Our algorithm GCOMB shows you can! As a by-product, GCOMB is possibly the fastest algorithm for Influence Maximization. Our work will appear in NeurIPS 2020. Congrats to the team and particularly Sahil!

Sept, 2020:

Promoted to Associate Professor.

Award Alert!

Manas wins the Suresh Chandra Memorial Best IITD-CSE MTech Award for his MTech thesis on food delivery. This work will also appear in ICDE 2021.

Paper Alert:

Our collaboration work with Swiggy to minimize food delivery time will appear in ICDE 2021. Congrats to Manas and Arshdeep!

Aug, 2020:

Delighted to be selected as an Associate of the Indian Academy of Sciences (IASc)! A lot of the credit goes to the fantastic students and collaborators I have been fortunate to work with over the last six years.

July, 2020:

Serving as the area chair of AAAI 2021.

Award Alert!:

My first PhD graduate Jithin Vachery receives the Institute Research Award as well IBM Best Phd Thesis Award from CSE IIT M. Congratulations Jithin!

June, 2020:

Watch our presentation on graph generative modeling, which appeared in WWW 2020!

June, 2020:

Serving in the PC of ICDE 2021 and WSDM 2021.

May, 2020:

Our SIGMOD 2019 work on answering regular simple queries on billion-scale networks receives SIGMOD reproducible tag! The code base has already been released.

April, 2020:

We have released the code base of our KDD 2018 work on route recommendations for taxi drivers.

April, 2020: Good news amidst the gloom!

Our work on mining correlated subgraphs to appear in VLDB 2020. Congrats to Arneish and Akshit!

Jan, 2020: Paper accepted!

Our work on domain-agnostic graph generative model to appear in WWW 2020. Congrats to Nikhil and Harsh!

Jan, 2020:

Serving in the PC of KDD 2020 and ICDM 2020.

I am an Associate Professor in the CSE department at IIT Delhi. My research interests span the broad area of network science with particular focus on graph neural networks, social network analysis, querying and mining spatio-temporal data, and bioinformatics. The tag-cloud of my paper abstracts provides an accurate representation of my research interests.

I graduated from the Computer Science department of University of California, Santa Barbara in March, 2012 under the supervision of Prof. Ambuj Singh. Prior to joining IIT D, I worked as Assistant Professor at IIT Madras for close to three years and at IBM Research, Bangalore for a year and a half.

Internships: I am NOT offering any short-term projects. My apologies if I don't respond to your email.


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