Quizzes will be conducted through Gradescope. The solution of some of the questions will be posted here.

No. Release Date/Time Deadline Date/Time Duration Comments etc.
01 24 October, 4PM 24 October, 6PM 1 Hour [Practice quiz (PDF)]
[Practice quiz solution (PDF)]
The practice quiz will also be setup as an online assignment on Gradescope.
Please try taking this (ungraded) quiz before ______. This will help you
become familiar with the platform which will be used for quiz-1 on _______.
Please note that this has been set for 2 hours for practice. Quiz-1 will be a
1 hour quiz.
02 22 November, 8:00AM 22 November, 9:15AM 1 Hour [Practice quiz (PDF)]
[Practice quiz solution (PDF)]
03 20 December, 10:00AM 20 December, 11:15AM 1 Hour [Practice quiz (PDF)]
[Practice quiz solution (PDF)]
04 27 December, 10:00AM 27 December, 11:15AM 1 Hour
05 03 January, 10:00AM 03 January, 11:15AM 1 Hour