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No. Homework Posted on Deadline Comments etc.
00 PDF This is a calibration homework based on prerequisite material
This homework does not have any credits and will not be graded.

[Latex source file] [Solution]
01 PDF 13 Oct (12:30PM) 23 Oct (11:59PM) - [Latex source files]
- Here is a practice homework [PDF] along with solution [PDF]
that may help you write solution for homework-1.
- Solution (PDF)
02 PDF 27 Oct (3:30PM) 18 Nov (11:59PM) - [Latex source files]
- Solution (PDF)
03 PDF
(Extra credit)
24 Nov (11:50AM) 14 Dec (11:59PM) - [Latex source file]
- Solution (PDF)
04 PDF 16 Dec (5:00PM) 26 Dec (6:00PM) - [Latex source files]
- Solution (PDF)
05 PDF 26 Dec (8:00PM) 02 Jan (6:00PM) - [Latex source files]
- Solution (PDF)