The Limericks Story

There was once a boy named Pulkit
A lot of info he did transmit
Descriptions quite sublime
That too wrapped up in a rhyme
C'mon have a look at it !

Rhythmic Musings

For no aparent reason, somedays I just decide to write what I would like to call poems.
They may not be really good, but I still like to publish them.

Pieces of artwork

Strange things happen if you leave your account open in the intel lab. Here are some remanents from such incidents ;)

Quantum Cellular Automata (PDF Report)

I had taken up an Independent Study as a part o f my 6th semester coursework. The topic of interest was "Exploring new paradigms of computation". We started off by looking at some interesting computational aspects of carbon nanotubes and then moved on to Quantum Cellular Automata. This report summarizes the work done in that course.

Embedded System Design

In my 2nd year summer I had worked on a sensor networks project which I continued in my 5th semester as a part of the Embedded Systes Design course. This is a small website which details out some of the work done by us including some reports and documentation relating to the project.

Misc file index

This is where you will find any files that I may have shared for downloads.


You will find some photos here. Caution : Password needed to access. (Contact me for the same ;) )


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