List of Completed Ph.D and MSR Students


Completed Ph.D. Students

Thesis Title
Current Affiliation
Anupam Sobti (2015-2022)
Towards Robust and Efficient Embodied Visual Perception
Chetan Arora
Research Fellow, Microsoft Research, Bengaluru
Resource Contention Aware Performance and Power Optimization in Chip Multiprocessors
Anshul Kumar
Assistant Professor, Military Engineering College, Ethiopia
Richa Gupta (2015-2020)
Understanding Tactile Perception for Design of Effective Tactile Graphics
P.V.M. Rao and Steven Mannheimer(IUPUI - Indiana University, USA)
Assistant Professor, IIIT Delhi
Rajesh Kedia (2015-2020)
A Framework for Designing Context-Aware Adaptive Embedded Systems
Kolin Paul
Assistant Professor, IIT Hyderabad
Piyush Chanana (2012-2019)
Study of Independent Travel Needs of Persons with Blindness and Assistive Technology Solutions
P.V.M. Rao
Coordinator, NCAHT, IIT Delhi
Techniques to Estimate and Mitigate the Effects of Thermal Coupling and Process Variations in Manycore Processors
Smruti Sarangi
Asst. Prof., IIT Dharwad
Arun Parakh (2009-2016)
Performance Estimation and Mapping of Applications onto GPUs
Kolin Paul
Professor, SGSITS, Indore
D. Rajeswari (2008-2015)
Novel Architectures and Synthesis Methods for Quantum-dot Cellular Automata
Kolin Paul
Post-Doctoral Fellow, NTU, Singapore
Partial Dynamic Mapping of Applications onto CGRAs
Kolin Paul
Architecture Exploration of FPGA Based Accelerators for Bioinformatics Applications
Kolin Paul
Lecturer, Ulster University, UK
Lava Bhargava (2005-2013)
Energy Estimation and Modeling of LDPC Decoders
Ranjan Bose (EE)
Professor, EE Deptt., MNIT Jaipur
Sonali Chauhan (2005-2010)
An Integrated Framework for Energy Optimization of Wireless Sensor Nodes
Ranjan Bose (EE)
Associate Professor, EE Deptt., IIT Gauhati
Aryabartta Sahu (2004-2010)
Evaluation and Mapping of Applications on Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Systems
Preeti Ranjan Panda
Associate Professor, CSE Deptt., IIT Gauhati

Anup Gangwar (2001 - 2005)

Performance Driven Synthesis of Application Specific
Clustered VLIW Processors (More..)

Anshul Kumar

ARM, Austin, USA

Basant Diwedi (2001 - 2005)
Synthesizing Application Specific Multiprocessor Architectures
for Process Networks (More..)
Anshul Kumar

Synopsys, Bangalore

Rajeshwari Banakar (2000 - 2003)
A Low Power Design Methodology for Turbo Encoder and Decoder
Ranjan Bose (EE)

Professor, & HoD, E&C Department, BVB Engineering College, Hubli

Manoj Kr. Jain (2000 - 2003)
Exploring Register File Size and Memory Configuration in ASIP Synthesis
Anshul Kumar

Professor, Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur

Realization of Synthesized RTL Structures on LUT based FPGAs (More..)
Anshul Kumar

King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals, Saudi Arabia

Atul Varshneya (1995)
Parallel Dictionary Operations: Algorithms and Architectures (More..)
B. B. Madan
VP technology, Agnity, USA
Closely Associated with
Anant Vishnoi (2003 - ) Cache Data Compression: Algorithms and Hardware Implementation Preeti Ranjan Panda GM Research, Bangalore
Alok Kumar (1993) A Versatile Data Path Synthesis Approach based on Heuristic Search Anshul Kumar  

Completed MSR Students

Thesis Title

Suman Muralikrishna , M.S. (2019)

Low power design of Refreshable Braille Display (RBD); FITT Best Industry Project Award 2019

C.P. Joshi, M.S. (2003)

Communication Modeling and Performance Analysis of Embedded Systems

Anshul Kumar

Piyush Gupta, M.S. (2003)
Automating Functional Partitioning Over Heterogenenous Platforms
for Design of Embedded Systems

Sanjeev Kapoor

M. Anand, M.S. (1998)
Hardware/Software Partitioning between Microprocessor and
Reconfigurable Hardware (More..)

Sanjeev Kapoor