Ashish Chiplunkar

Pankaj Gupta Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Office: Bharti-409
E-mail: echo | sed s/^/ashishc@/

I am looking for research (PhD and MS(R)) students in the May2024 admissions round. Interested applicants should fill up the application form and send me an email. The deadline is April 4, 16:00. Here is the advertisement for research positions in the theoretical CS group at CSE, IITD.

Project / Internship Requests

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Past Affiliations

Research Interests

Algorithm design and analysis: particularly for online and stochastic problems.

Professional Activities


Publications in Journals

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Selected Publications in Conference Proceedings

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Super-smart Student Collaborators


Divyanshu Agarwal - 2020CS10343 (BTP1 + BTP2), Utsav Jaiswal - 2020CS10402 (BTP1 + BTP2), Soumil Aggarwal - 2020CS10392 (BTP1), Rishabh Dhiman - 2020CS10837 (BTP1)


Archit Bubna - 2019CS10331 (BTP1 + BTP2): Archit proved that the prophet problem with order selection has a strictly better competitive ratio than the prophet problem with random arrival order. This work was published in EC2023, a top tier conference. Archit completed his graduation with a perfect 10 CGPA and won the President's Gold Medal.


Nikhil Ayyadevara - 2017CS10330 (MTP), Galav Kapoor - 2018CS10332 (BTP1), Kalash Gupta - 2018CS10346 (BTP1), Navneel Singhal - 2018CS10360 (BTP1)


Nikhil Ayyadevara - 2017CS10330 (BTP1): Nikhil proved that the randomized competitive ratio of the weighted k-server problem is at least exponential in k, improving the previously known lower bound which was only ln(k). This work was published in ESA2021, a top tier conference. Nikhil is currently a Ph.D. student at University of Michigan.
Saumya Gupta - 2016ME10689 (MTP)


COL100 Intro. to Computer Science Diwali 2024 (co-taught with Sorav Bansal)
COL352 Theory of Computation Holi 2021, Holi 2024
COL863 Special Topics in TCS Diwali 2023 (Bayesian Online Selection)
COL351 Analysis and Design of Algorithms Holi 2023
COL106 Data Structures Diwali 2022 (co-taught with Naveen Garg)
COL756 Mathematical Programming Holi 2022
COL202 Discrete Mathematics Diwali 2021
COL702 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Diwali 2020
COL866 Special Topics in Algorithms Holi 2020 (Online Computation)

Other Interests

Hiking, Running, Chess, Bridge, Indian Classical Music