Ashish Chiplunkar

Pankaj Gupta Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Office: Bharti-409
E-mail: echo | sed s/^/ashishc@/

Project / Internship Requests

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Past Affiliations

Research Interests

Algorithm design and analysis: particularly for online and stochastic problems.

Professional Activities


Publications in Journals

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Selected Publications in Conference Proceedings

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Diwali 2023 COL863 Special Topics in TCS - Bayesian Online Selection
Holi 2023 COL351 Analysis and Design of Algorithms
Diwali 2022 COL106 Data Structures co-taught with Naveen Garg
Holi 2022 COL756 Mathematical Programming
Diwali 2021 COL202 Discrete Mathematics
Holi 2021 COL352 Theory of Computation
Diwali 2020 COL702 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
Holi 2020 COL866 Special Topics in Algorithms - Online Computation

Other Interests

Hiking, Running, Chess, Bridge, Indian Classical Music