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SRL Reading Group

Neural-Symbolic Learning Reading Group

Areas of Interest: Symbolic Reasoning, NLP, Deep Learning.
Time: Wednesday, 2-3 pm, SIT 113


Date Presenter Paper Download
20-3-2019 Prachi Knowledge Graph Identification [PDF]
20-2-2019 Ankesh "Why Should I Trust You?" Explaining the Predictions of Any Classifier [PDF]
13-2-2019 Krunal Linguistically-Informed Self-Attention for Semantic Role Labeling [PDF]
14-11-2018 Saket Reluplex: An Efficient SMT Solver for Verifying Deep Neural Networks [PDF]
31-10-2018 Makkunda BERT: Pre-training of Deep Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding [PDF]
23-10-2018 Happy Universal Neural Machine Translation for Extremely Low Resource Languages [PDF]
10-10-2018 Vishal A Semantic Loss Function for Deep Learning with Symbolic Knowledge [PDF]
26-09-2018 Yatin Go for a Walk and Arrive at the Answer: Reasoning Over Paths in Knowledge Bases using Reinforcement Learning [PDF]
19-09-2018 Dinesh Raghu Neural Symbolic Machines [PDF]
12-09-2018 Keshav Deep contextualized word representations [PDF]