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About Us

Software Engineering is a very active area for research world wide, and is perhaps one of the most important areas for the Indian IT industry, given its focus on project-based development. It is therefore important that activities like high-end seminars and conferences on SE be conducted regularly to help the professionals and researchers. SIGSE aims to provide this.

Organisation and Members
SIGSE is run by a volunteer Committee and assisted by some regular managerial level staff member of CSI. The committee consists of Chairman, Treasurer, and another 3-6 members, who are responsible for specific tasks of the SIG (e.g. for publications, conferences, etc.). New members may be co-opted in the committee based on nomination from a current member and approval of the rest. The members elect the chair for 2 years (extensible for another term). Term of each member is 2-years, with no limit on the number of terms. The members must be active researchers or research managers.

The current committee of SIGSE is as follows:
» Prof. Pankaj Jalote, IIIT Delhi (the Chair)
» Dr. Gautam Shroff, TCS
» Prof. Sanjeev Kumar, IIT Kanpur
» Prof. T V Prabhakar, IIT Kanpur
» Dr. Sriram Rajamani, Microsoft Research, Bangalore
Recent Events

» ISEC 2010 (Feb 2010)
» ISEC 2009 (Feb 2009)
» CSEET 2009 (Feb 2009)
» ICGSE 2008 (Aug 2008)
» ISEC 2008 (Feb 2008)
» RE 2007 (Oct 2007)

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