Title: Quantum Computing

Instructor: Ragesh Jaiswal
Office: 403, SIT Building
Email: rjaiswal@cse.iitd.ac.in

Teaching Assistants: TBD

Lectures: Slot AA (Mon, Thu, 2:00-3:30)

Evaluation: TBD

Prerequisites: Discrete Math (COL202 or equivalent), Algorithms (COL351), Linear Algebra (MTL104)

Syllabus: Quantum bits/circuits/algorithms/information/measurement, Bell’s inequality
discrete logarithm, factoring, quantum search, error correction.

- Book: Quantum Computation and Quantum Information by Michael A. Nielson and Isaac L. Chuang
- Lecture notes: John Preskill
- Lecture notes: Umesh Vazirani
- Lecture notes: Scott Aaronson

Course description:
Quantum information is fundamentally different from the classical notion of information.
We will try to understand quantum information and design efficient quantum algorithms
for problems that do not have known efficient algorithms in the classical setting. The course will
be taught at the level of senior undergraduate/beginner graduate.