Instructor: Ragesh Jaiswal
Office: 403, SIT Building

Teaching Assistants: TBD

Lectures: Tue, Thu, Fri 11-12, LH 111

Evaluation :
- Homework (Programming): 20%
- Quizzes: 20%
- Midterm: 30% (two minors each 15%)
- Final: 30%

Syllabus: Algorithm analysis tools, asymptotic analysis, linked list, array, stack, queue, tree,
priority queue, heap, binary search tree, balanced binary search tree, multi-way search tree,
hashing, sorting, basic graph algorithms, greedy algorithms, divide and conquer,
Dynamic Programming, Network-flow based algorithms.

- Data Structures and Algorithms in Java by Goodrich, Tamassia, and Goldwasser

Java Help: (Thanks to Amitabha Bagchi for sharing this)
- Java Module (PDF)
- Supporting code (tar.gz)

- Minor 1: Date/time, location TBD
- Minor 2: Date/time, location: TBD
- Final Exam: Date/time, location: TBD