Achievable secrecy sum-rate in a fading MAC-WT with power control and without CSI of eavesdropper


We consider a two user fading Multiple Access Channel with a wire-tapper (MAC-WT) where the transmitter has the channel state information (CSI) to the intended receiver but not to the eavesdropper (Eve). We provide an achievable secrecy sum-rate with optimal power control. We next provide a secrecy sum-rate with optimal power control and cooperative jamming (CJ). We then study an achievable secrecy sum rate by employing an ON/OFF power control scheme which is more easily computable. We also employ CJ over this power control scheme. Results show that CJ boosts the secrecy sum-rate significantly even if we do not know the CSI of the Eve’s channel. At high SNR, the secrecy sum-rate (with CJ) without CSI of the Eve exceeds the secrecy sum-rate (without CJ) with full CSI of the Eve.

International Conference on Signal Processing and Communications (SPCOM)