Some of my Trip Reports

I often pen down trip reports on an aviation site, Here are some of them: (also at

99. US,Aug'14-2: Winds of Change in the Windy City?   [On]

98. US,Aug'14-1: As far as She-Ca(n)-Go: Chicago!   [On]

97. CJB: Coimbatore July Bounty! Jul'14   [On]

96. NAGpur NAG after Gwalior Gag, Jul'14   [On]

95. All roads lead to Chrome-pet. Chennai, Jun'14   [On]

94. Jabalpur Jives, Vibrant Vibes. Jun'14

93. Hot Hotspot, In Indore. May'14

92. Jabalpur, if I May, in May'14

91. terI sUrat, merI Ankhein. Apr'14

90. CCU Call, Spring'14

89. Tours Tour-4: One, Tours, Three, Four merci, au revoir

88. Tours Tour-3: Low Ire in the Loire Valley

87. Tours Tour-2: An Evening in Paris. And More.

86. Tours Tour-I: bonjour! No French Leave for France

85. March to Jabalpur. Mar'14

84. The Planned City. By Plane. Mar'14

83. Hi there, Hyder-abad! Feb'14

82. Indore on Jet's Props, Feb'14

81. Mumbai, for Christmas, Dec'13

80. www:Work-Weakened Weekend.Half-Dead at Nanded,Dec'13

79. Out of the Blue: You are my sunshine...Jodhpur, Dec'13

78. khilte hain gul yahAn: Gulbarga, Dec'13

77. US,Nov'13-5: Haring back, Return from O'Hare

76. US,Nov13-4: San Diego-Midway, Chicago

75. US,Nov'13-3: Midway, from Midway, to USS Midway

74. US,Nov'13-2: Winds/Sands of Time..Windy City-Sandy Ego!

73. US,Nov'13-1: Tailwinds to the Windy City!

72. Journey to The Centre of the...Country. Bhopal, Oct'13

71. A day & a half, can't have enough! Mumbai, Oct'13

70. HTTP:// Hurried Trip To Pune/~Baramati, Oct'13

69. At 6s & 7s? No. On all 4s? No. Jabalpur, Oct'13

68. Jab We Met: JAB-alpur WE-e hours, nice METar. Sep'13

67. CCU Calls, Come September, not Spring! Sep'13

66. Jet, Take a Bow, Pal...Bhopal, Aug'13

65. Challenging Chennai Chromepet Caper, Jul'13

64. Coimba-Tour, Jul'13 [& Overheating Ovens]

63. July Jabalpur Jet Jaunt, Jul'13

62. N NQ'd PNQ trip: An Enqueued PNQ trip, Jul'13

61. In CAPITALS, a Tale of Two Cities

60. Singularly Sanguine Sangli. Jun'13

59. I Adore Indore: May-Jun'13

58. Pathetic Pune Pun. Puny Pune Passage. May'13

57. B2B: Bandit 2 BBI & Back. Odissi Odyssey. May'13

56. Co-imbibing Coimbatore's Combination Culture: May'13

55. Jumpy & Overjoyed to the Core, on a Hampi Encore! Mar'13

54. NAG for NAG-pur, sNAG iN Raipur. Mar'13

53. Nanded. And Dead Tired. Dizzy iN NDC. Mar'13

52. Duronto Debut,Dream)liner Despair,Double-Decker Desire:Jan1

51. `Chhattisgarh' & 36, Chappan-bhog & 56:Mumbai,Jan'13

50. Dec'12: BLR, Double DLR Disappointment

49. Silver (Edge) Lining to Dream, Meaning Business, Dec'12

48. Dec'12: Mumbai. Mum-bhai/Sum-bhai, MBBS. Part 2

47. Dec'12: Mumbai. Mum-bhai/Sum-bhai, MBBS. Part 1

46. Madurai'12:Silver Lining on Darkened Dream)liner Dream

45. F.East'12-5: Sayonara!

44. F.East'12-4: Arigato, Nippon

43. F.East'12-3: The Morning Calm, The Rising Sun!

42. F.East'12-2: S(e)oulful Korea-graphy

41. F.East'12-1: Inching towards Incheon

40. Straight to Vizag, no zig-zag, Sep'12

39. Routes and Shoots: The Garden City, August 2012

38. 2012: Jabalpur in July

37. Calcutta: A Short and Sweet Trip, June 2012

36. Indore again in 2012, April

35. Can't Cut Calcutta Calls! CCU, Mar'12

34. Tinsel-town ahoy! Mumbai, Mar'12

33. Indoor/Indore in 2012

32. Colour Range over the Orange City: NAG, Jan'12

31. AI strike(,) PAT in the back: Patna, Jan'12

30. Regressive TR: Shuttling between Delhi and Mumbai

29. No Eyesore in Mysore; Part II: Mysore Memories; HAL Museum

28. No Eyesore in Mysore; Part I: Mysore

27. Hampi Hamper, Part 2: Hampi!

26. Hampi Hamper, Part I: Banashankari, Badami, Pattadakal, Aihole

25. JAI Ho! Jaipur, Sep'12, My Double Standards? (This is out of sequence, only to report on something that is very recent, circa Sep'12)

24. PNQ: PeNning Queued Reports, Dec 2011

23. Little BHO-Peep, Nov 2011

22. The Call of the Vaigai! Madurai, Oct 2011

21. Eats, Shoots, and Leaves: Beijing, 2011 Part 3

20. No Panda-monium: Beijing, 2011 Part 2

19. North By, AI and CA: Beijing, 2011 Part 1

18. Going Bananas over Oranges: Nagpur, Aug'11

17. To the City of Joy and back, on Air India: Aug'11

16. To Chennai, Mar'12 with a Celebrity Captain! (This is out of sequence owing to sheer excitement, and nothing else!)

15. Marble Rocks, Marbles Rock; Jul 2011

14. The Fish-Eye Beckons! Madurai, on Air India. Jul 2011

13. To Russia, with Awe: Moscow, 2011, Part 3: Monino!

12. To Russia, with Awe: Moscow, 2011, Part 2: The Central Museum of the Armed Forces

11. To Russia, with Awe: Moscow, 2011, Part 1: The Overall Trip

10. The City of Lakes: Mother's Heart, Heart of the Motherland

9. Mostly Indoors, in Indore

8. Inter-metro Shuttling on AI: DEL-BOM on AI810, BOM-DEL on AI888

7. On the cusp: DEL-BOM on IC863, BOM-DEL on AI660

6. DEL-BOM on IT308, BOM-DEL on IC166

5. DEL-MAA on IC439, MAA-DEL on IC802

4. DEL-PNQ on IC849, PNQ-DEL on IC850

3. DEL-MAA on IC429 (A321), MAA-DEL on IC7602 (CRJ7)


1. IGI T3, AI 314 DEL-HKG and AI 311 HKG-DEL

Sumantra Dutta Roy, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas,
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