CS903: Special Topics in TCS

Quantum computation and Information theory

This is the course page for Quantum computation and Information theory, for Semester II, 2003-2004, being taught by Amit Kumar and Subhashis Banerjee at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT, New Delhi.

If computers that you build are quantum,
Then spies everywhere will want 'em,
Our codes will all fail,
And they'll read our email,
Till we get crypto that's quantum, and daunt 'em.

    -- Jennifer and Peter Shor

To read our E-mail, how mean
of the spies and their quantum machine;
be comforted though,
they do not yet know
how to factorize twelve or fifteen.

    -- Volker Strassen


  1. Quantum computation and Quantum information by Michael A. Nielsen and Isaac L. Chuang, Cambridge University Press.
    (This will be the primary text)
  2. Umesh Vazirani's homepage
  3. John Preskill's homepage
  4. www.qubit.org
  5. Feynman Lectures on Computation. Penguin.
  6. Mohan and Anusheel's independent study (postscript)


Lecture 1 (PDF)    Perspective     suban, Jan 5
Lecture 2 (PDF)    Qubits, quantum gates     suban, Jan 6
Lecture 3 (PDF)    Hilbert spaces, Dirac's notation     amit, Jan 7
Lecture 4 (PDF)    Entanglement, EPR paradox, Bell's inequality, teleportation     suban, Jan 13
Lecture 5 (PDF)    Postulates of quantum mechanics, super dense coding     amit, Jan 14
Lecture 6 (PDF)    Quantum circuits, quantum parallelism, Deutsch-Josza algorithm     suban, Jan 20
Lecture 7 (PDF)    Postulates of QM (contd..), Density matrices     amit, Jan 21
Lecture 8 (PDF)    Density matrices (contd..)     amit, Jan 28
Lecture 9 (PDF)    Quantum circuits, universal gates     suban, Feb 3
Lecture 10 (PDF)    Quantum circuits, universal gates (contd..)     suban, Feb 4
Lecture 11 (PS)    Deutsch-Josza revisited, Fourier sampling, Simon's algorithm     amit, Feb 17
Lecture 12 (PS)    Quantum Fourier transform     amit, Feb 19
Lecture 13/14/15a (PS), Lecture 13/14/15b (PDF)    Number theoretic preliminaries for factoring, order finding and Hidden subgroup problem (also see Lecture 12)     amit, Feb 27, Mar 3, Mar 9
Lecture 16 (PDF)    Shor's factoring algorithm, order finding and periodicity     suban, Mar 12
Lecture 17 (PDF)    Shor's factoring and discrete logarithm, hidden sub-groups     suban, Mar 17
Lecture 18 (PDF)    Phase estimation and Kitaev's factoring algorithm     suban, Mar 23
Lecture 19 (PDF)    Grover's quantum search algorithm     suban, Mar 26
Lecture 20 (PDF)    Optimality of Grover's quantum search algorithm     amit, Apr 6
Lecture 21a (PS),Lecture 21b (PS)    Classical information: Shannon's source coding theorem (1)     amit, Apr 7
Lecture 22 (PDF)    Classical information: Shannon's source coding theorem (2)     suban, Apr 13
Lecture 23 (PDF)    Classical information: Shannon's channel coding theorem     suban, Apr 20
Lecture 24 (PDF)    Classical information: Basics of coding - linear codes     amit, Apr 21
Lecture 25 (PDF)    Quantum information theory: basics     amit, Apr 27
Lecture 26 (PDF)    Quantum error correction     amit, Apr 28


Problem Set 1 (PDF)
Problem Set 2 (PDF)
Final Exam (PDF)


The EPR paper

Amit Kumar and Subhashis Banerjee / Dept. Computer Science and Engineering / IIT Delhi / Hauz Khas/ New Delhi 110016