CSL 101:Introduction to Computers and Programming

Semester I 2008-09

Instructors : Sandeep Sen, Sanjiva Prasad


Mon 8 - 9:30, Th 14 - 15:30

G1 -8 II LT1 (Sanjiva Prasad)

G9-16 IIA-201 (Sandeep Sen)

Marks (complete)

Grades (Consultation period)

For any errors in assignment marks/quiz marks, you can meet the TAs and resolve it. For any corrections in minor marks, please bring your minor answerscript and contact Anant Vishnoi.

Lab Schedule with Teaching Assistants

Reading material (notes, problems - will be periodically updated)

Useful Information:

Programming Assignment 3 (Due Oct 3)

Programming Assignment 4 (Due Nov 14)

Solution Assignment 1

Solution Assignment 2

Ocaml Programs written in Class

Keyboard.html (for Java I-O)

Minor 1 solution guidelines

Minor 2 solution guidelines

Major solution guidelines

Sandeep Sen
Last modified: July 27, 2008