Sandeep Sen
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110 016, India
Phone: +91 11 659-1293
FAX: +91 11 6861060, 658-2283

Ex Dean of Faculty, IIT Delhi (Aug 2016 - Aug 2018)
Ex Head, Dept of CSE (Aug 2007 - Aug 2010)
Adjunct Professor, ISI Kolkata


(Currently on Leave to SNU)

Research PhD Students Teaching
Area: Algorithms and Complexity
with focus on
Randomized Algorithms,
Computational Geometry,
Approximate Shortest Path problems
model-specific efficient techniques
(parallel, caching etc)

Publications with selected online versions

Sem II 18-19 COL 352 Intro to Automata and Theory of Computation

Sem I 18-19 COL 702 Advanced data structures and algorithms

Sem II 17-18 COV 886 Special Module in Algorithms (short course)

Sem I 17-18 COL 702 Advanced data structures and algorithms

Sem II 16-17 COL 757 Model Centric Algorithm Design

Sem I 16-17 COL 752 Geometric Algorithms

Sem II 15-16 COL 352 Intro to Automata and TOC

Sem I 14-15 CSL 630 Data Structures and Algorithms
CSL 866 Special Topics in Algorithms

Sem II 14-15 CSL 705 Theory of Computation

Sem I 13-14
CSL356 Analysis and Design of Algorithms (UG Core)
Lecture Notes

Previous courses

CSL852 Computational Geometry

Spl Topics in TCS (Cryptography)

CSL101 Introduction to Computers and Programming

A recent book on algorithms (with Amit Kumar) Draft preprint

NPTEL Video course on Computational Geometry, (Co-instructor Prof Pankaj Agarwal).

QEEE Lectures on Basic Graph Algorithms : Topological Sort, Strong Components, MST (matroids), Shortest Paths

The strengths of academic enterprise: EW Dijkstra

A gentle introduction to Quantum Computation (authors: A. Bhushan and M. Gupta, April 2002)

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