Soumen Basu

PhD Scholar, IIT Delhi

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Phone: +91 905 150 1506
Office: II-A 405 (Bharti), Graphics and Vision Lab, IIT Delhi, 110016
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About Me

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I am a graduate (Ph.D.) student and Prime Minister's Research Fellow in the Department of Computer Science at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. My primary research interest is in Computer Vision and Deep Learning. I am particularly interested in effective deep learning with limited supervision for safety-critical tasks. I work on Un/ Semi/ Weakly Supervised Learning, Contrastive Learning, Curriculum-based Learning, and Explainable AI.

Prior to joining the Ph.D. program at IIT Delhi, I have worked as a Member of Technical Staff at Adobe systems (Bangalore, India) and as a Research Assistant at The Pennsylvania State University (State College, USA). I completed my Masters from IIT Delhi in 2015 and my Bachelors from IIEST Shibpur in 2012. I achieved All India Rank 99 out of 224160 candidates (99.96 percentile) in GATE 2013 (Computer Science).

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Recent Updates


I have been a Teaching Assistant to the following courses. My responsibilities involved conducting lab sessions, assignment design, grading the assignments and exams.


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