Travel Support Program to facilitate Presenting of Papers in International Conferences of Repute in Software Engineering by Indian Students and Faculty


In order to encourage the R&D in Software Engineering in India, it is important that papers from India are also presented in recognized Software Engineering conferences internationally. Besides a few esteemed institutions like IITs, the research activities in Software Engineering need to be boosted in other Indian technical universities/institutions. To motivate the researchers for better quality research and facilitate the presentation of papers from Indian academia in recognized conferences, SIGSE has developed a financial support program for faculty and students to go and present papers in international conferences. Details of the program are given below.


Program Overview

·         Only a limited number of travel support fellowships are available. The number will change from time to time depending on the funds available.

·         It is open to only SIGSE members, who are either students or faculty members in institutes/colleges/universities in India. However, faculty members over 35 yrs age from IITs, IISc, TIFR (centers of national importance) will not be considered for this support as they can find resources from other sources.

·         SIGSE execom members are not eligible for this support.

·         Support is partial and will be given only if the applicant has an accepted paper in one of the reputed conferences (see below) and for the purpose of going to the conference to present the paper (i.e. the author seeking support must present the paper). Papers accepted for poster presentation are not eligible.

·         Support for students will be limited to Rs 75,000, and support for faculty members will be limited to Rs 100,000 (including travel, registration, and boarding/lodging).

·         A member can avail of this support at most once in two years, and no more than three times in all.



Procedure for application.

Application is to be sent by email to the Chairman of the executive committee of SIGSE. The title of the email should be “Application to SIGSE for conference travel support”. The email should mention the name of the conference, particulars about the applicant including name, current position and for how long in this position. The email must also have an attachment a file giving the complete paper including title, abstract, and complete list of authors with their affiliations (include contact numbers, email, and mailing addresses). It should also have another pdf file attachment which is a scanned letter from the parent organization, supporting the request and specifying how much support the organization is willing to provide. In addition, the applicant must forward the acceptance email/letter from conference organizers, including the reviews from the conference.


Procedure for Intimation and Claiming the funds

·         The SIGSE executive-committee will take the decision, and this decision will be final. At the end of each month, the executive committee will consider all applications. Preference will be given to higher-ranking conferences.

·         Intimation will be done by email (most of the correspondences will be done by email)

·         All payments will be made directly by CSI. An advance of 50% of the award amount may be requested. The balance will be paid after the conference attendance and submitting the details with production of original receipts.


Reputed Conferences

Only reputed conferences in Software Engineering and its sub-areas will be considered (workshops will generally not be considered). Generally the conferences that satisfy the following criteria will be considered as reputed.


·         It is sponsored by a major International organization like IEEE or ACM

·         Is indexed in DBLP

·         Have been regularly running for at least five years

·         Has an accept rate of less than 33%


Some conferences that satisfy these criteria are given below, though the applications need not be limited to these only.


Rank #1

ICSE: International Conference on Software Engineering (15%)
FSE Conference on the Foundations of Software Engineering (17%)

OOPSLA: Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications (17%)


Rank #2

FM/FME: Formal Methods, World Congress/Europe (23%)

ECOOP: European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (16%)
CAV: Computer Aided Verification (29%)

RE: International Conference on Requirements Engineering (12%)

ASE: International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (18%)

WWW: International World Wide Web Conferences (15%)

TACAS: Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems (22%)

AOSD: International conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development (18%)

ESEC: European Software Engineering Conference (21%)

ISSTA: International symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (21%)

ICSM: International Conference on Software Maintenance (21%)

FASE: Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering (21%)

APSEC: Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (27%)

CBSE: International Symposium Component-Based Software Engineering (29%)

MODELS: International Conference on the Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (27%)

ISSRE: International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (33%)