CSP301: Project 2 on Developing a Web-based Mobile Application

Background reading

  1. HTML, PHP, Perl, AJAX

The App

Your goal is to develop a Map-based social/traffic application with web and mobile interfaces. Develop your application on the Android platform using the Android emulator. The application should use your current location coordinates (assume they can be obtained through GPS hardware) and show your location on the map along with the location of all your friends. Furthermore, you should be able to select a destination point on the map, and the application should give you the shortest path to that destination considering the current traffic situation. Develop your prototype for the IIT Delhi campus map.
Here are some steps you need to follow:


  1. To be done in groups of four.
  2. Credit will be awarded to easier-to-use user interfaces
  3. The last date of submission of the assignment is Nov 26. The demos will be held on Nov 27 and 28 (Saturday/Sunday).