CSL862: Spl. Topics in Computer Systems: Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Sem I, 2010-11

Slot M (Mon, Thu, 5-6.30pm)
Pre-requisites: CSL373 (Operating Systems)

Instructors: Sorav Bansal, Huzur Saran, Gautam Shroff (from Tata Consultancy Services)

Programming Assignments

  1. Binary Translation inside Qemu
  2. Write an application designed to scale over cloud
  3. Map-Reduce

Lecture Slides

Lecture Notes



(Papers in bold font will be discussed in class)

Virtual Machines

I/O Virtualization

Memory Virtualization

Processor Virtualization

Applications of Virtual Machines

Nested Virtualization

Recording Non-Determinism vs Enforcing Determinism

Timekeeping in Virtual Machines

Translation Across ISAs

Parallel Programming Models

Managing "Cloud-Scale" Data

Cloud Computing

Present-day Clouds

Cloud Management Tools