CSL862 : Advanced Topics in Software Systems : Schedule

Sem I, 2013-14

Links to notes etc. on future days are tentative only. They are here only to give you an idea what the future will bring. The lectures will be organized as discussions, so it is very important that you read the paper before the class (see PREP). Homeworks need to be submitted at the start of the respective lectures.
Jul 22Jul 23
Jul 24
Jul 25
Jul 26
Jul 29
PREP: read paper (Finding and Reproducing Heisenbugs in Concurrent Programs, Musuvathi et. al., OSDI 08)
Jul 30
Jul 31
Aug 1
Aug 2
Aug 5
Probabilistic Concurrency Testing
PREP: read paper (A randomized scheduler with probabilistic guarantees of finding bugs, ASPLOS 10) [optional: paper on variable and thread bounding]. do homework
Aug 6
Aug 7
Aug 8
PREP: read paper (Dthreads: Efficient and Deterministic Multithreading, T. Liu et. al., SOSP 11)
Aug 9
Aug 12
Aug 13
Aug 14
Aug 15
Independence Day
Aug 16
Aug 19
PREP: read paper (PRES: Probabilistic Replay with Execution Sketching on Multiprocessors, S. Park et. al., SOSP 09)
Aug 20
Aug 21
Aug 22
Translation Validation
PREP: read paper (Translation Validation for an Optimizing Compiler, G. Necula, PLDI 00)
Aug 23
Aug 26
No Lecture
Aug 27
Aug 28
Aug 29
Aug 30
Sep 2
Sep 3
Sep 4
Sep 5
Sep 6
Sep 9
PREP: understand working of translation validation example.
Return of Minor-1 scripts
Sep 10
Sep 11
Sep 12
Certifying Compiler
PREP: read paper1, paper2 (The Design and Implementation of a Certifying Compiler, Necula et. al., PLDI 98)
Sep 13
Sep 16
Sep 17
Sep 18
Sep 19
Sep 20
Sep 23
Packet Filters using Proof Carrying Code
PREP: read undecidabililty of FOL, paper (Safe Kernel Extensions without Run-time Checking, G. Necula et. al., OSDI 96)
Sep 24
Sep 25
Sep 26
PREP: read paper1, paper2 (Formal verification of a realistic compiler, X. Leroy, CACM 09)
Sep 27
Sep 30
Oct 1
Oct 2
Oct 3
Oct 4
Oct 7
Oct 8
Oct 9
Oct 10
Towards Real Microkernels
PREP: read paper (Towards Real Microkernels, J. Liedtke, CACM 96)
Oct 11
Oct 14
Improving IPC by Kernel Design
PREP: read paper (Improving IPC by Kernel Design, J. Liedtke, SOSP 93)
Oct 15
Oct 16
Oct 17
PREP: read paper (Exokernel, an operating system architecture for application-level resource management, D. Engler et. al., SOSP 95).
Oct 18
Oct 21
Semester Break
Oct 22
Oct 23
Oct 24
Semester Break
Oct 25
Oct 28
Parametrized Program Equivalence
PREP: read paper (Proving Optimizations Correct using Parametrized Program Equivalence, S. Kundu et. al. , PLDI 09)
Oct 29
Oct 30
Oct 31
Fast Dynamic Binary Translation for the Kernel (pptx)
PREP: optionally read paper (P. Kedia et. al., SOSP 13)
Nov 1
Nov 4
No Lecture
Nov 5
Nov 6
Nov 7
No Lecture
Nov 8
Nov 11
Data Representation Synthesis
PREP: read paper (Data Representation Synthesis, P. Hawkins et. al., PLDI 11)
Nov 12
Nov 13
Nov 14
Nov 15
Nov 18
Concurrent Data Representation Synthesis
PREP: read paper (Concurrent Data Representation Synthesis, P. Hawkins et. al., PLDI 12)
Nov 19
Nov 20
Nov 21
Akash Lal's talk
PREP: optionally read paper1, paper2
Nov 22