COL862 : Advanced Topics in Operating Systems : Schedule

Date Presentation Lead(s) Paper Title Slides/Scribes Summary by
31th July - 10th Aug Aseem Saxena,Shubhani Light-Weight Contexts: An OS Abstraction for Safety and Performance Scribes
Arpit Aggarwal : link
10th Aug - 17th Aug Rachit Arora,Kishalay Coordinated and Efficient Huge Page Management with Ingens Scribes
Balivada Venkata Saikiranpatnaik : link
21st Aug - 24th Aug Manjeet Push-button verification of file systems via crash refinement Scribes
Anmol Mahajan : link
28th Aug - 7th Sept Agastya Nanda, Praveen Kulkarni CertiKOS: An Extensible Architecture for Building Certified Concurrent OS Kernels Slides Shubhani : link
7th Sept - 14th Sept Shailja Pandey,Ankit Bhardwaj FaSST: Fast, Scalable and Simple Distributed Transactions with Two-Sided (RDMA) Datagram RPCs Scribes
Sandeep kumar : link
14th Sept - 19th Oct Sandeep Kumar,Pawan Efficient Network Reachability Analysis Using a Succinct Control Plane Representation Scribes
Kishalay Raj : link
23rd Oct - 2nd Nov Balivada Venkata Saikiranpatnaik,Kalla Venkat Nikhil Kumar EbbRT: A Framework for Building Per-Application Library Operating Systems Scribes
Promises/Monadic Futures
Aseem Saxena : link
6th Nov - 13th Nov Arpit Aggarwal,Rajat Gupta TensorFlow: A System for Large-Scale Machine Learning Scribes
Agastya Nanda: link
13th Nov - 18th Nov Harsh Arya SCONE: Secure Linux Containers with Intel SGX Scribes
20th Nov - 23rd Nov Anmol Mahajan,Sachin Meena NetBricks: Taking the V out of NFV Scribes
Harsh Arya : link