CSL862: Low-Power Computing : PA1 : Power Measurements using performance counters

This assignment is made of multiple parts, and requires you to make a short presentation during our class meetings after each part (details later). In the end of the assignment, you should publish your findings as a technical report, and open-source measurement code (e.g., via GitHub).

The assignment can be done in groups of up to two people.

  1. Identify the different types of power measurement counters (core and uncore) available on the smartphone, laptop, desktop, and server grade hardware. You are free to choose any hardware in each category, but clearly mention the type of hardware, so somebody can repeat your findings based on your report.

  2. Measure the CPU and system power (ideally broken down by different components) in various workload scenarios. Also, measure the total energy consumed (ideally broken down by different components).

Experiment with different configurations, e.g., DVFS settings, etc. Also, we welcome your creativity in trying to identify different interesting configurations that bring new insights into energy consumption for these programs.

Presenting your Findings

We will have two short interim presentations, and one final presentation and report based on this assignment. The first presentation will be a 5 minute presentation by each group on part 1 (performance counters available on each platform they studied). The second presentation will be a 5 minute presentation on the initial results of part 2, and if any issues were encountered. The final presentation will be a 10 minute presentation on the final results, along with a report.


First presentation : Aug. 31, 2016
Second presentation : Sep. 16, 2016
Final presentation, report, and source-code : Sep. 30, 2016