CSL862: Spl. Topics in Software Systems: Low-Power Computing

Sem I, 2016-17


This course will discuss recent techniques for low-power computing. Here is a tentative list of papers, we will read.
  1. Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling: The Laws of Diminishing Returns [Slides]
  2. An analysis of power consumption in a smarphone [Slides]
  3. Unlocking Energy [Slides]
  4. MEANTIME: Achieving both Minimal Energy and Timeliness with Approximate Computing [Slides]
  5. Energy Discounted Computing on Multicore Smartphones [Slides]
  6. Automated OS-level Device Runtime Power Management [Slides]
  7. Computational Sprinting on a Hardware/Software Testbed [Slides]
  8. Maximizing Performance Under a Power Cap: A Comparison of Hardware, Software, and Hybrid Techniques [Slides1, SlidesExperiments, SlidesRAPL]
  9. A Simpler, Safer Programming and Execution Model for Intermittent Systems [Slides]
  10. Greening The Video Transcoding Service with Low-Cost Hardware Transcoders
  11. An Energy-interference-free Hardware/Software Debugger for Intermittent Energy-harvesting Systems
  12. Passive Wi-Fi: Bringing Low Power to Wi-Fi Transmissions
  13. Drowsy power management
  14. Integrating concurrency control and energy management in device drivers
  15. Currentcy: a unifying abstraction for expressing energy management policies
  16. Experiences from a Decade of TinyOS Development
This course will be organized as a paper reading course. You will be required to read the papers before the class.

Reference Papers

Programming Assignment

Major test

Course Staff

Instructor: Sorav Bansal
Teaching Assistant: Manjeet Dahiya