Sayan Ranu



Dec, 2021: Double delight at AAAI, again!

For two years in a row, we will be presenting two papers at AAAI. In the first paper, we learn to solve Mixed Integer Programs under continual flow of training data. In the second paper, we show GNNs are vulnerable to adversarial attacks even if the attacker is unaware of the model parameters, model type, or the task being solved by the GNN. Congrats to Sahil, Kartik and Samidha!

Nov 2022:

Serving as the workshop co-chair of KDD 2023.

Nov 2022:

Delighted to share that Burouj Armgaan from our group has been awarded the Prime Minister's Research Fellowship (PMRF)! This is third presitigious PhD fellowship received by the group in the last two months.

We will present two papers at WSDM 2023!

One work is on global counter-factual reasoning over GNNs. In the second work, we devise a learning-based influence maximization strategy under capacity constraints.

Sept 2022:

Thrilled to share that two PhD students from my group have been awarded with presitigious PhD fellowships. Sahil has been awarded with Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship (QIF), and Anjali has been awarded the Google PhD Fellowship 2022. Congrats to both of you!

A NeurIPS Hattrick!:

Delighted that we have three paper accepts at NeurIPS 2022. The first work is on learning graph distance functions, while the other two are on physics-informed GNNs.

April 2022:

How would you identify k-cores in temporal networks? Our solution to appear in EDBT 2023. Congrats Momin!.

Paper alert!:

Our work on fair food delivery has been accepted in IJCAI 2022. We improved upon our previous work on fair food delivery which was presented in AAAI 2022.

Feb, 2022:

Both AAAI papers from the group selected for oral presentations. Less than 4% of all submissions have been selected for oral.

Jan, 2022:

Serving in the PC of KDD 2022 and SIGMOD 2023.

Dec, 2021: Double delight at AAAI!

In the first work we identify strategies to make food delivery fair towards gig workers. In the second work, we design a generative model for temporal graphs. Congrats to all authors and particularly Anjali and Shubham!

I hold the joint positions of Nick McKeown Chair Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Eng. and the Yardi School of AI at IIT Delhi. My research interests span the broad area of network science with particular focus on graph neural networks, social network analysis, querying and mining spatio-temporal data, and bioinformatics. The tag-cloud of my paper abstracts from last five years provides an accurate representation of my current research interests.

I graduated from the Computer Science department of University of California, Santa Barbara in March, 2012 under the supervision of Prof. Ambuj Singh. Prior to joining IIT D, I worked as Assistant Professor at IIT Madras for close to three years and at IBM Research, Bangalore for a year and a half.

Internships: I am NOT offering any short-term projects. My apologies if I don't respond to your email.


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