Instructor: Ragesh Jaiswal
Office: TBA

Tutor: Sartaj Ul Hasan

Teaching Assistants: Gagan Madan and Dishant Goyal

Lectures: Sat. (2-3:30) and Sun. (8-9:30)

Evaluation :
- Quizzes: 40%
- Midterm: 30% (two minors each 15%)
- Final: 30%

Syllabus: Logic, basic structures (sets, functions, relations, sets etc.), counting
(pigeonhole principle, inclusion-exclusion, permutation and combination,
generating functions etc.), graphs (representation, connectivity, shortest paths etc.).

- Discrete Mathematics and its Applications by Kenneth H Rosen

- Minor 1: Date/time, location TBD
- Minor 2: Date/time, location: TBD
- Final Exam: Date/time, location: TBD