SIL801: Special Topics in Multimedia System

Lectures Venue: II-336
Time: M Slot (M 5:00 - 6:30 PM, Th 5:00 - 6:30 PM)

About the Course

Instructors of the course:

This course shall cover fundamentals of the state-of-the-art techniquesof processing information in multimedia signals (audio, image, video, graphics) for different applications. Applications may include multimedia communications, teleoperation, and augmented reality. The topics will cover: Multimedia representation, Compression and coding standards, Media streaming and communication protocols, Multimedia applications including mobile and IoT applications

Lecture Slides
Lecture 1: Introduction to Course (pdf)
Lecture 2: Sampling, Quantization and Image Compression (pdf)
Lecture 3: Image Compression - Huffman Coding (pdf)
Lecture 4: Arithmetic Coding, Disctionary Based and Predictive Coding (pdf)
Lecture 5: Lossy Compression - Predictive Coding (pdf)
Lecture 6: Transform Coding (pdf)
Lecture 7: Transform Coding contd. (pdf)
Lecture 8: JPEG (pdf)
Lecture 9: Wavelets (pdf)
Lecture 10: Wavelets (pdf) contd.
Lecture 11: Wavelet Encoding (pdf)
Lecture 12: JPEG 2000 (pdf)
Lecture 13: Video Compression (pdf)
Lecture 14: Video Compression (pdf) contd.
Lecture 15: MPEG 1/2 (pdf)
Lecture 16: MPEG-4 (pdf)
Lecture 17: MPEG-4: Part10/H.264 (pdf)
Lecture 18: Audio Compression (pdf)
Lecture 19: Audio Compression contd. (pdf)
Lecture 20: Speech Technologies (Courtey Prof Arun Kumar - no slides)
Lecture 21: Speech Compression (pdf)
Lecture 22: Geometry Compression (pdf)


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