Workshop on Geometric Computing

Nov 12-14, IIT Delhi

The field of geometric computing  is concerned with the design, analysis, and implementation of algorithms for geometric problems, which arise in a wide range of areas, including computer graphics, CAD, robotics computer vision, image processing, spatial databases, GIS, molecular biology, and sensor networks. Since the mid 1980s, computational geometry has arisen as an independent field, with its own international conferences and journals.

In the early years mostly theoretical foundations of geometric algorithms were laid and fundamental research remains an important issue in the field. Meanwhile, as the field matured,  applications and implementations of geometric algorithms have also received much attention. Several software libraries for geometric computation (e.g. LEDA, CGAL, CORE) have been developed, and there are close connections between geometric computing and related application fields.

The workshop brings together leading researchers in the field of geometric computing with diverse backgrounds. The emphasis of the seminar will be on presenting recent developments in the field as well as identifying new challenges, and it will cover both theoretical and practical issues in geometric computing.
Lars Arge
University of Århus, Denmark
Tetsuo Asano
JAIST, Japan
Otfried Cheong
KAIST, Korea
Tamal Dey
Ohio State University, USA
Sumit Ganguly IIT Kanpur
Sathish Govindarajan IISc Bangalore
John Hershberger
Mentor Graphics, USA
Shripad Kale
Geometric Global
Subodh Kumar IIT Delhi
Subhas C. Nandy ISI Kolkata
Vijay Natarajan
IISc Bangalore
Saurabh Ray
Yogish Sabharwal
IBM IRL, Delhi
Raimund Seidel
University of Saarlandes, Germany
Subhash Suri
University of California Santa Barbara, USA
Chee Yap
New York University, USA

101, Bharti Building, IIT Delhi. Here is a map
Who should attend
The workshop in meant for graduate students/researchers working in the area of Algorithms.
Here is the tentative program and the abstracts of talks
There is no registration fee for the workshop. Please register here before October 31.
Pankaj Agarwal
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Naveen Garg
naveen AT cse DOT iitd DOT ac DOT in
Michael Sagraloff
msagralo AT mpi-inf DOT mpg DOT de
Sandeep Sen
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