Professional Activities


Events Organized A workshop on Approximation Algorithms was organized from Oct 8-11, 2005.
An Operations Research Weekend was organized on April 8-9, 2006.
  Amit Kumar co-organized a workshop on Recent Advances in Approximation Algorithms on 16 Dec 2006 at ISI Kolkata
Amit Kumar was the organizing chair of FSTTCS 2007 held in Delhi from Dec 14-16, 2007 and on the organizing committee for QIP 2008 held in Delhi from Dec 17-21, 2007.
  Naveen Garg (together with Manindra Agrawal and Jaikumar Radhakrishnan) co-organized the Indian Algorithms Seminar from Oct 15-19, 2008 at Khandala. The event was supported by TCS.
Program Committees Naveen Garg was co-chair of the FSTTCS 2006 PC.
Amit Kumar was on the PC for APPROX 2006, FSTTCS 2006, FSTTCS 2009
Naveen Garg was on the PC for WAOA 2007, STACS 2008, ESA 2008, FOCS 2008, ICALP 2009