COL 783: Assignment 0

Basic image access

Due date: Tuesday, 6 Aug


The goal of this assignment is to ensure that you are able to read, write, and edit images, so that you do not waste any time getting set up when working on the actual graded assignments.


Write a program that takes two file names as input, one for the input RGB image and one for the output. You may use any language of your choice, and any image I/O library that give you direct access to the pixel array.

Submission and Evaluation

Submit your code on Moodle by the end of Tuesday, 6 August.

This assignment is only for your preparation and does not contribute to your final course grade. However, you are required to make a good-faith attempt to complete it, and to correctly perform at least two of the three operations in the requirements. If you do not submit a reasonable attempt by the deadline, you will be penalized 20% of the marks for the first actual assignment.

You are permitted to use your 5 free late days for this assignment as well (though I really suggest you don’t).