COL 783: Digital Image Analysis

Semester 1, 2019-20

General Information

Rahul Narain (
Office hours: Bharti IIA-517, by appointment

Indu Joshi, office: SIT 301
Vijay Kumar, office: SIT 212
Office hours: Wed, Thu 4–5pm

Class times:
Slot AC (Tue, Fri 2–3:30pm)
Bharti IIA-201


Course Description

Content (tentative): Digital image fundamentals; image enhancement in the spatial domain: gray level transformations, histogram processing, spatial filters; image transforms: Fourier transform and its properties, fast Fourier transform, other transforms; image enhancement in the frequency domain; colour image processing; image warping and restoration; image compression; image segmentation: edge detection, Hough transform, region-based segmentation; morphological operators; representation and description; feature-based matching and Bayes classification.

Textbook: Gonzalez and Woods, Digital Image Processing, 3rd ed.

Prerequisites: COL 106: Data Structures and Algorithms, ELL 205: Signals and Systems, or equivalent




Late policy: Homework assignments are due at midnight on the due date. You are allowed a total of 6 late days across all the assignments. Any assignment submitted up to two days after the total allowed late days have been used will receive a 25% penalty per day; after more than two days, it will not be graded.

Collaboration policy: Adapted from Dan Weld’s guidelines, via Mausam:

Collaboration is a very good thing. On the other hand, cheating is considered a very serious offense. Please don’t do it! Concern about cheating creates an unpleasant environment for everyone. If you cheat, you get a zero in the assignment, and additionally you risk losing your position as a student in the department and the institute. The department’s policy on cheating is to report any cases to the disciplinary committee. What follows afterwards is not fun.

So how do you draw the line between collaboration and cheating? Here’s a reasonable set of ground rules. Failure to understand and follow these rules will constitute cheating, and will be dealt with as per institute guidelines.