Anju Kansal

About Me

I am pursuing M.Tech in Computer Science at IIT Delhi. I did my B.Tech from DeenBandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology, Murthal(Sonepat). I am working on the Indo-US project Mobile Healthcare under Prof. Kolin Paul and Prof. Sanjiva Prasad

Mobile Healthcare

I am Research Assistant in this ongoing Indo-US project at IIT in collaboration with AIIMS, Dartmouth, UCLA and Rice Universities.

specifically, the research will address-

  • (1) developing a new breed of portable medical sensors with the intelligence to identify and securely attest to the origin and quality of the data, and
  • (2) developing “computational triage” algorithms that guide individual subjects to a medical facility when tests reveal a high chance of potential health problems.

Minor Project

During my minor project, I have worked jointly with Avval Gupta and developed a system in which a sensor manager platform is capable of regulating the medical data collection from multiple medical sensors and transmitting this information through Bluetooth. We also created an Android App to receive and process the medical data and finally combine it with other collected information such as personal and biometric information (collected on the smartphone itself) into a single medical record which can be transmitted to server on network connectivity.

M.Tech Thesis

M.Tech Thesis(Proposed)

Sensor Stack

We are targeting on developing a sensor stack on the android. we are considering the possibility of developing layers of sensor data. For example, the bottom layer can contain the raw data collected from sensors and on top of it, meaningful data derived from the lower layer can be made. Then we can develop API to fetch relevant sensor information.The utility could be that any mhealth app which currently would have to handle raw sensor data processing can now make use of these API to access the medical information. So, various mHealth apps development can make use of this API.

Minor Project

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