Title: Digital Data Advantage for Monetization in Mobile Advertising

Speaker: Ashish Vikram, Flipkart

Abstract: Indian eyeballs are increasingly moving to the mobile phone from TV and Print but ad dollars are moving very very slowly. This is because as a marketing head it is easy for me to continue doing what I have been doing for the last several decades and spend money on TV. I am not questioned when I spend my money on TV. Therefore in spite of better targeting capabilities available on the mobile, ad dollars are not moving to the mobile phone. The question then is "What will it take to move ad money from TV to Mobiles?" The answer lies in using technology and data to not just provide better targeting capabilities but actually showing that impact from a similar amount of ad spend on mobile is higher than from TV. In this talk we will investigate how Flipkart can actually show positive impact from ad spend on mobile to advertisers and therefore change the way advertising is done in India very similar to how it has changed the way shopping is done in India.

Bio: Ashish has successfully set up three new development organizations from scratch in Bangalore for US based companies and grew them into highly productive software development labs. He guides teams on improving performance, scalability, architecture and design while solving complex software engineering problems. He helps identify useful/innovative technical improvement ideas from employees and incorporate them into products. Ashish is currently VP engineering at Flipkart heading the engineering for Flipkart's ad platform. Prior to Flipkart Ashish led the Advertising and Data engineering teams at Yahoo's Bangalore SDC. He hold a BTech in EE from IIT Delhi and MS in CS from Purdue university.