Title: Data Science@Flipkart

Speaker: Mohit Kumar, Flipkart

Abstract: Flipkart, founded by IIT D alums, has built a reliable and scalable technology framework which is enabling eCommerce in India. We believe that in order to provide awesome experience to our customer, its not sufficient for our technology system to just enable decision making. We need to build systems which are intelligent and can take decision themselves. Systems which can take complex and fuzzy information and translate them into timely and accurate decisions aka Systemic Intelligence.
In this talk, we will highlight a broad set of problem statements in the areas of personalization, recommendation, pricing, demand forecasting, supply chain optimization, reviews mining/summarization, social media sentiment analysis, fraud detection that require application of Machine Learning, NLP, Optimization techniques. The application of these techniques enables the Systemic Intelligence. We will describe the usage of ML/NLP/Stats techniques particularly in the problem area of Fraud detection/prevention. There are several types of fraud that are present in an e-commerce environment like credit card fraud, reseller fraud (bulk buying of products with the intention to re-sell), reviews and ratings fraud (with the intention of boosting a seller/product ratings or pulling down competition). We will describe how different techniques are applicable in solving different types of fraud.

Bio: Mohit is a Data Scientist with Flipkart. His research has been in the areas of active learning, machine learning, data mining, speech and summarization. Prior to joining Flipkart, he has worked with Accenture Technology Labs, Chicago for five and half years in the Analytics research group and with IBM India Research Lab, Delhi for 2 years. He has done his MS + PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Kharagpur.