Title: Big, Open, Data and Semantics for a Real-World Application Near You

Speaker: Biplav Srivastava, IBM IRL

Abstract: State-of-the-art Artifical Intelligence (AI) and data management techniques have been demonstrated to process large volumes of noisy data to extract meaningful patterns and drive decisions in diverse applications ranging from space exploration (NASA's Curiosity), game shows (IBM's Watson in Jeopardy™ ) and even consumer products (Apple's SIRI™ voice-recognition). However, what stops them from helping us in more mundane things like fighting diseases, commuting to work, or reducing financial frauds? Data.
In this talk, I will demonstrate and discuss how large volumes of data (Big), made available publicly (Open), can be productively used with semantic web and analytical techniques to drive day-to-day applications. It is increasingly being adopted by progressive businesses and governments to drive innovation that matters.

Bio: Dr. Biplav Srivastava Senior Researcher & Master Inventor, IBM Research ACM Senior Member
Biplav is currently based out of IBM Research - India at New Delhi, India. His expertise is in Artificial Intelligence, Services and Sustainability, and has proven track record of high-quality innovation in the global business environment. His current focus is on open APIs and data, and their real world applications, as part of which, he has represented IBM at W3C's working group on Government Linked Data. He has 100+ research papers published including all top fora in his fields, 25 US Patents issued and 34 applications. Biplav actively participates in professional services globally including running the 'AI in India' virtual group, organizing conference tracks, workshops and as a Program Committee member for more than 50 events. More details are at: http://www.research.ibm.com/people/b/biplav/