Kolin Paul


Room # 102

SIT Building

IIT Delhi Hauz Khas

New Delhi 110016 INDIA

email: kolin AT cse dot iitd dot ac at in

tel: +91 11 2659 6033


I spend most of my time  the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Delhi .  

I am always in the lookout for folks who are interested in a  doing a PhD. I do not have any positions for part time efforts or any internship less than 4 months. I will only respond to emails  requesting for positions in my group if the email has the word “hollings” in the salutation --- the word is an anagram for where I spent the first part of my life and is part of my sweetest memories. I am looking for students who would line to work in the general area of Compute Architecture and Embedded Systems. I am specifically looking for PhD and MSR students to work in the area of Quantum Logic Synthesis and Quantum Compilers as we explore the use of Unconventional Computing Paradigms to build/explore low energy efficient solutions. On the systems side, we are looking at making systems secure using a combination of new architecture [HSM] primitives and TEE to provide enhanced cyber resilience in different verticals. Prospective PhD and MSR Students interested in "building" things will work in the context of embedded systems in different verticals.

I have listed specific Projects that I can supervise for IIT Delhi Students. Please read this  for more details. For students from different Instititions please read this  for more details before you contact me regarding the Open Positions.