Hi. I'm Atishya Jain.

I am a junior undergrad in Computer Science Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. I am pursuing a dual degree : Bachelor's + Master's in Technology.

My Skills

I love to code in my free time and am eager to learn and try new things.


Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks, Computer Architecture, Analysis & Design of Algorithms, Discrete Mathematical Structures.

More Courses

Data Structures & Algorithms
Programming Languages
Probabilty & Stochastic Processes
Digital Logic & System Design
Signals & Systems
Linear Algebra


Programming - C, C++, Java, Python, R, Octave Development - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VHDL, ARM, VIM, Bash, Ocaml


Fluent in Speech and Writing
US Citizen
Fluent in Speech and Writing
un petit peu


Autodesk Inventor, Android Studio, Xilinx, LaTeX, Photoshop, Tableau.


Operating Systems
Linux & Ubuntu


Summer Intern - PwC, India Advanced Predictive analysis using R and Tableau.


Predictive analysis using integration of Tableau and R to ease out data distribution at the same time enhancing visualizations while data modelling.
Cleaned, built and trained various models using regression and boosting for sales forecasting. Generated visualizations on tableau to compile and build dashboards on a live project.


All India Rank 175 in IIT-JEE Advance 2016
KVPY Scholar with All India Rank 151

Awards & Olympiads

IITD Semester Merit Award for being in the Top 7% in my batch twice in academic year 2016-17
Qual. Indian Nat'l Astronomy Olympiad (National Top 35) Qual. for Indian Nat'l Physics Olympiad (Nationwide top 1%)


Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
Computer Networks
Systems & Security
Research & Development Projects


Listening music
Software Development

My Portfolio

Take a look at my projects to get an idea of what I like to do.

Artificial Intelligence Game Engine

Developed to play the game of Yinsh


  • Building on an AI bot to play the game of yinsh against humans and other agents.

  • Aim to participate and win the tournament of yinsh against other bots.

  • Github Repo will be public soon.

Multicycle ARM-Processor

32-bit multicycle arm processor in VHDL


  • Developed the processor and ran ARM test codes over it on BASYS-3 board

  • Implemented AHB-Lite bus protocol using the master-slave interface

Serious Game in Cyber Security

Developed the game in Unity3D with C#


  • Serious games are a different class of games meant for educational purposes

  • Aim to facilitate training in security using game-based interactive approach

  • Solved challenges of real time latencies, cloud data management etc

Tank-Assault Multiplayer shooting game

A multiplayer network game on HTML5


  • Built a web based multiplayer game that featured a lot of mazes and tanks and created a client-server network

  • Worked on NodeJs server and used sockets for real time connection

  • Visit Github repo

Digital Steganography to hide text messages

Application for secure transfer of data


  • Created a software that enabled users to hide text in Audio/Images in python

  • Built around the concept of manipulating LSBs and non-linear data storage using Hilbert curve

  • Visit Github repo

Modelling software for 3D objects

Software to aid Engineering Drawing in modelling


  • Designed and developed a software in C++ following the software design principles

  • Enabled functionality to get orthographic projections of a 3D model and to build a 3D model from its projections

  • Visit Github repo

Drop me a Message.

atishyajain1212@gmail.com, cs5160393@iitd.ac.in
+91 9891596385
Room NC-11, Satpura Hostel, IIT Delhi, Haus Khas, New Delhi, India

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