Description of the new features we have introduced:

The Wiring tool has been configured for Automated Wire Routing between two selected points. There are two choices in this feature: Normal Automated & Intelligent Automated. The Normal Automated routing necessarily routes between the two points selected whereas Intelligent Automated routing routes in a minimal fashion between the two wire-sets these points are on. A further choice available for the user is to set the inside of components as obstacles or available regions for wires to navigate through during Automated Routing. The Automated Wire Routing uses an algorithm which has reached some level of maturity after some experimental tests and modifications and any observations or bugs reported by the user are valued and welcome.

The Select tool has been modified for moving components while maintaining existing connections by Stretching Wires. This feature has been build by making use of the Automated Wire Routing feature to achieve the requisite aim.

We have introduced a new component called My Function which takes in the number of inputs, number of outputs, the data bit width for these (being the same for both the input and output) and the function the user wants this custom component to perform. In effect the My Function component acts as a black box performing for the user a specified function without worrying about the internal details.

The Splitter has been modified for the ease of user so as to configure the output pins with the desired Bit Distribution by specifying it in a field instead of having to independently configure each bit.

The Clock has been enriched in user experience by adding an option of Tick few times which sets the clock to tick a fixed number of times input by the user.

In case of any bug reporting, suggestions, observations or rectifications : your help is valued and please feel free to contact the development team.


To Use the new features:

The wiring tool will auto route if one first clicks on the source and then on the destination. The tool will route manually if one drags it from from one point to another.

To further explore the choices we have to offer pertaining the wiring and the selection tool go to file->preferences->experimental. The following options will apppear briefly explained as:

Stretch wires while moving component - Allows you to move the selcted component without losing the wirings attched to it

Set Components as Obstacles for Automatic Routing - Allows you to decide whether to keep the inside of a component blocked or unblocked to naavigate wires during Automated routing.

Switch to intelligent route - This option allows you to minimise the wiring by automatically deciding the shortest possible connection.

To explain the Splitter the following example is self explanatory. Suppose we have a 32 bit 4 fan out splitter, to configure the bits from top to bottom we suppose give the sequence "0-2 3 4 5-31" (without the quotes) in the Bit Dist. field then the top bit would represent the least significant 3 bits, the bit immediately below it representing the fourth least significant bit and so on.

The clock and the my function components are self explanatory in their use given in the description above.

For further assistance check out Help->Library Reference->Guide to Being a Logisim user->Automatic Wire Routing