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"Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don't let anybody else use it, and get a new one every six months."

- Clliford Stoll


Hi,I am Arunim Samat ,Currently in my 4th year pursuing dual degree(Btech and Mtech) in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi. I am from Delhi, to know more about me please follow this link ABOUT ME

Research Interests

Computer Networks
Network and System Security
Human-Computer Interface Devices
Machine Learning

Other Interests

Computer Gaming
Blogging etc

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About Me

I am a 21 Year old guy from Delhi,Topographically a Bengali,I did my schooling from Sachdeva Public School,Rohini and currently I m pursuing Dual Degree in CSE from IIT-D,I live in a family of four with my Parents and elder brother I am just an average guy trying to live an extraordinary life(Lines taken from somewere ,I don't exactly remember the source).Currently I am residing in Karakoram Hostel,IIT-D,I have made great friends here you can read more about them in my blog,so that's pretty much it If you wanna know more I would be more than happy to share