Aniruddha Deb
Junior Undergraduate @ CSE, IIT Delhi
Reliance Foundation Scholar
I'm a Junior Undergraduate in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at IIT Delhi, as well as a Reliance Foundation Scholar in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Sciences. Prior to this, I was a student at The Bishop's School, Pune.

Being an undergraduate, I have the luxury to explore and change my academic interests from semester to semester, and from course to course :P At the moment, I'm interested in Neuroimaging and Algorithmic Game Theory, with a bit of Computational Social Choice. I'm currently advised by Prof. Rahul Garg, and am working towards the Summer Undergraduate Research Award.

Apart from this, I've been a volunteer teacher for NSS, an Academic Mentor for MTL100, a runner-up in Mimamsa 2021, a journalist at the Board for Student Publications, a Representative for the Quizzing Club and a convenor of the Debating Society (albeit for a very short time).

Applications of IS-TSA in Exploring Human Brain Functions
Advisor: Prof. Rahul Garg
SURA 2022
  • Implementing tooling to calculate Inter-Subject Temporal Synchronization Analysis scores across subjects in a variety of neuroimaging datasets in a scalable, memory-efficient manner
  • Using the results to validate hypotheses related to classical conditioning and extinction learning
Advisor: Prof. Anshul Kumar
Course: Computer Architecture
  • Created a multi-cycle ARMv4T CPU in VHDL, implementing all Data Processing, Data Transfer, Branch, Multiplication and Interrupt instructions
  • Implemented a user mode and a privileged mode, and created tooling to convert .ELF compiled executables to VHDL testbenches
Advisor: Prof. S Arun Kumar
Course: Programming Languages
Implemented a source code to AST frontend, and a stack machine for evaluating programs in WHILE.
Jan-Apr 2022
Advisor: Prof. Rijurekha Sen
Course: Design Practices
Created a 2D top-down chase game based in the IITD campus supporting multiplayer via sockets and featuring 38 locations on campus.
Advisor: Prof. Abhishek Dixit
Course: Signals and Systems
Worked on text message encryption/decryption, and then encoding/decoding the text message in RGB/RGBA PNG or (uncompressed) BMP images.
DSCoin: A Blockchain Implementation
Sep-Dec 2021
Advisor: Prof. Venkata Koppula
Course: Data Structures and Algorithms
Created a Blockchain network supporting proof-of-work and distributed consensus among it’s nodes.
Personal Projects
Algorithmic Solvers for various Domino games
Implementing a variety of Domino Game Rulesets (Draw, Block, All n’s) and Solvers to play these games using imperfect information algorithms (Expectiminimax, PIMC, CFR)
Course dependency management for B.Tech/Dual programmes at IITD
Mined the IIT Delhi Courses of Study PDF to extract programme plans and course information, to generate dependency graphs for courses across all 13 B.Tech and 3 Dual programmes.
Aug-Oct 2021
End to end interactive quizzing platform
Created a game show themed interactive quiz with an integrated live scoreboard and interactive pounce and bounce via ErnoBot, to host the first League quiz of the 2021-22 quizzing season in IIT Delhi
Find the optimum IIT and department for your JEE rank, based on previous JoSAA seat allocations
IIT Dep Finder received over 1000 pageviews in October 2021, after the JEE(A) results for 2021 were announced.
Coming soon!
Quizzing at IIT Delhi
Here are some links to sets that I've (co)hosted/conducted. Will be updated as I host more sets.
October 2021
The first league quiz of the 2021-22 Season: Prelims are a standard slideshow, whereas finals are the rendered slides from the final run of the program (as such, they have two tiebreaker questions in orange and red)
January 2022
The usual pounce/bounce introduction to quizzing, complete with google traps. The initial setup/team asssignment/rule explanation took around an hour, after which the other questions (mostly taken from entropy) were run for people who stayed late
Entropy was the first quiz I conducted after entering IITD, and the only fresher-hosted quiz in that year. We planned to host a prelims as well, but didn't make it in time. Was a great experience, even though we hosted it online.
Other Stuff
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For other useful IITD Websites, check out Aditya Singh's Webpage.

MTL106 Tutorial Solutions by Rishabh here

A few talks I've given: T distributions, Cellular Automata

I blog at Mostly mathematical/literary articles.