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I am currently in my second year at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi pursuing my B.Tech degree and majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. Since this part is kind of unimportant and obscured by the font color and background I will fill it with stuff you might not expect. I tend to be resourceful with my work and fulfill my commitments (That's why I commit upto a limit). I usually indulge with a novel or Table Tennis. Hate to go classes. But love learning something new.



Real Time Vehicle Detection and License Plate Recognition

IIT Delhi, New Delhi August 2019 - December 2019

Working on a system to automatically track and recognize vehicles through number plate recognition. The design is working at 40 fps capture to monitor traffic violations and vehicle tracking. Implemented the design using CNN and connected component analysis , the final deployment is in a specially designed hardware.

Surface Roughness Prediction in Micro Milling considering the Workpiece Properties​

IIT Delhi, New Delhi November 2019 - Present

Working on a Machine Learning model to predict the surface finish considering the material properties of workpiece, material removal mechanisms and SFD (Spindle Speed, Feed Rate and Depth of Cut). Aiming to predict surface roughness of one material based on the data set obtained from some other material. Implementing the current design using Reinforcement Learning and Support Vector Regression, the final deployment will be in Python.

Bert QA Model

Independent December 2019 - Present

Built a QA model Bert model trained on SqUAD Dataset. The model is based on Bidirectional RNNs.

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