Sophomore :: Computer Science and Engineering
IIT Delhi


What I am all about.

Howdy and Welcome.  I'm Ayush Verma, 2nd year undergrad at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.  Currently I am pursuing major in Computer Science and Engineering.  I am 17 year old Programming Enthusiast, love to explore and learn cool stuff.  I am interested in the field of  Cryptography, Network Security, Algorithm, Graph Theory and Developement in Java/Python ... .

I love my work and enjoy each new project I get.
So now you know a bit about me.   Check out my  Resume and head over to the contact area and shoot me an email..


Batman would be jealous.

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GREY-SCALE Image Compression

Multimedia data are large in size as compared to the plain-text data. And hence to transmit them over a low-bandwidth communication channel, it needs to be compressed. In this project, focus is on compressing gray-scale images.

Hashing for String

One of the fundamental problem in computer science is how to store information so that it can be searched and retrieved efficiently.Hashing is a procedure that is used in sorting and retrieving the information about the database. This information is associated with key properties and makes use of individual character, numbers in the key itself. In this Project, focus is on efficient hash function and collision resolution.

ALU Design

Integer and floating-point data types are widely used to represent numerical data in computer arithmetic. Since the range of values representable in a computer are limited, arithmetic operations on these data types can lead to overflows and underflows. In this Project a Hardware Design of ALU has been implemented in VHDL.