You have landed on my homepage. By the way, I am a coder who loves Biryani. Well many do. But trust me I kinda love it the most. As part of my other likings, I do love to read novels, discover new cusines and solo travel to new places.

Who I Am

I am Ankit Akash Jha. Personality type : INFP. Few friends call me panda. I'm pursuing Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Delhi since 2016.


What I Do

. In my first year I was part of insti photography team. Before college I was a bit of an above average student among my fellow high schoolers and have been kind of homeschooled in most of school days. My special powers include extreme love for mathematics, number theory and ability to solve it while eating .


My Work

Most of my interest lies around deep learning and its application in fields of computer vision. I like building stuffs that could automate simple routine things. But unluckily right now, my projects section is under construction, till then hava a look over some memes.

Wave Goodbye.

Feedbacks are always welcome. Those little four dots on the bottom left of the page link to my ids. Hit me up if you get some suggestions or advice or in general if you are bored :D