About me


I'm a Sophomore at IIT Delhi. I have a passion for coding and developing new things learning new technologies



IIT Delhi

Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus 2016 - 2020(Expected).



8 Puzzle Game

  • Implemented program to find the shortest way to solve the 8 puzzle game by generalizing problem to finding shortest path in graph.
  • Optimized codes 10 times which Improved running time from 2sec to 200ms by dynamically creating graph and applying Dijkstra’s Algorithm over it.

Prof. Mausam
Open Source Project

Chat Room

  • Built a chat room using Node JS,package Socket.io.
  • integrated Google and Facebook log-in authentication along with the individual E-mail verification allowing multiple users to connect.
  • Github

Spell Checker

    • Deterministic spell checker implemented with the prefix tree(Trie)
    • Corrects any number of duplicate characters, lower/upper case and mistype vowels
  • Github
  • Independent Project
    Independent Project

    Image Recovery and Bitmap Size changer

    • Worked in C to write a program to recover deleted JPG from .raw file
    • Studied about JPG and bitmap and how they are stored in memory with there signature and Header info
    • Github