About Me

I am a Junior Undergraduate at Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Delhi. I am a tech enthusiast interested in Robotics, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Development in C++/Java.
I am an avid learner who is enthusiastic about learning something new each and every day. On the whole, I love to code and am an enthusiastic coder.

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  • Jan 2015

    ACES-ACM, IIT Delhi

    Dev Club Co-ordinator

    Dev Club Co-ordinator at ACES-ACM, the ACM student chapter of IIT Delhi and Coding Club.

  • Oct 2016
    Apr 2017

    Tryst, IIT Delhi

    Core Team Member

    Core Team Member in the organizing team of TRYST, IIT Delhi. Here I started dealing with event management and leading a team.

  • Nov 2015
    Aug 2016

    Robotics Club, IIT Delhi

    Core Team Member

    Team Member at Robotics Club, IIT Delhi. Here I started dealing with Embedded Systems, Image Processing and solving problems in a real world on a practical scale.

  • Apr 2014
    Apr 2015


    Silico Battles

    Head (Graphics) at the organising team of Silico Battles v10.1 , The Annual Computer Fest of Ahlcon Public School.


  • 2015

    Indian Institute of Technology

    B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

    Now, starts my IIT Journey, trying hands on Robotics, Machine Learning and Computer Vision along with development in C++/Java

  • 2013

    Ahlcon Public School, Delhi

    High School Degree

    In April 2015, I completed my 12th standard and started my IIT Journey.

My Internships

University of California, Los Angeles

  • • Research Internship under Prof. Sriram Sankararaman and Eran Halperin
  • • Worked on a Scalable and flexible Probabilistic model for PCA for large-scale genetic variation data.
  • • Derived an iterative EM algorithm for computing the principal components to compute K principal components on N individuals and M SNPs per iteration.
  • • Extended the EM algorithm to accurately compute PCs in the presence of missing genotypes while retainingits computational efficiency.
  • • Accelerated the EM algorithm using Globally Convergent Squared Iterative Methods (SQUAREM) to reduce the number of iterations to reach convergence.
  • • Benchmarked the accuracy and run times on simulated datasets and achieved a speedup of about 4 timesfaster compared to FastPCA, a scalable randomised algorithm for PCA (Galinsky et al. 2016)

University of California, Los Angeles

My Projects

Local Path Planning for Self Driving Vehicle

  • • Built an autonomous vehicle relying on a camera, IMU and GPS capable of navigating in the IITD campus.
  • • Performed free space modeling and obstacle detection for local path planning in self-driving car.
  • • Lane marker detection was carried out using SegNet, algorithms were developed to correctly move alongthe road, execute turns and scale round abouts.
  • • Currently working on using deep neural neural networks to perform end to end driving.

Self Driving Vehicle

Pipelined MIPS Processor and cache simulator with debugger

  • • Developed a pipelined MIPS simulator in C that supported animation of instructions being executed.
  • • Simulated all pipelined stages in parallel using pthreads library.
  • • Designed a trace based cache simulator and debugger for the processor with various configuration options.
  • • Displayed current instruction in each stage using SVG and Javascript, CSS for styling

MIPS Processor Simulator

RoboMuse 4.0
Jan-May 2016

  • • Designed auto navigation through any indoor terrain for a robot.
  • • Introduced ultrasonic sensors, image and ranging sensors for real time feedback.
  • • Built android app and windows tool to manually control the robot and obtain real-time feedback

RoboMuse 4.0

Three Wheel Holonomic Drive

  • • Developed three-wheel holonomic drive with decoupled motion using an ARM processor based microcontroller Beagle Bone Black.
  • • Utilized the PID closed loop control mechanism to achieve stability.
  • • Implemented line following using an array of OPT sensors.
  • • Programmed Serial, I2C and SPI communication between the Beagle Bone Black, IMU and Motor
  • drivers.

Three Wheel Holonomic Drive

Drainage Management Portal
Jan 2016 - Mar 2016

  • • Designed an android application that allows user to log and view complaints regarding the drainage system in Delhi and an Administrator Portal for the officials to view and take necessary action.
  • • Implemented Geographic Information System (GIS) to create a Google map of the different wards of Delhi.
  • • Backend API written in PHP, running on IIT Delhi Server that connects with the SQL Server

Drainage Management Portal


  • • Implemented path planning algorithm on a robot using the Robot Control Toolbox.
  • • Used image processing in MATLAB to detect obstacles by shape and colour detection.
  • • Secured a rank in the top 10 out of about 100 teams participated in Techfest, IIT Bombay.



Satpura Hostel
IIT Delhi, Delhi 110016