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Hey there! My name is Ankit Shubham and I am currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Delhi.

I like to make real life applications (What about a small visit to Project Section?). Self-taught most of the languages (can't be sure of Hindi though!),it gives me real pleasure to apply them on regular basis to my projects. Fluency in Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL (and Hindi and English too :p ). Kinda introvert (phew...) but all that is needed to get me going is a talk initiated from you :).

Wide range of varieties ;)
  • Complaint App for IIT

    • Android app

  • Multiplayer Ping Pong Game

    • Made using Java swing GUI

  • Sudoku

    • Made using HTML and Javascript

    • Play it here

  • Calculator

    • Made in ARM Assembly language

    • Code can be run in ArmSim#

  • Single Cycle processor

    • Made using VHDL

  • BigInt library for SML

    • Made using SML for SML

    • Can do arithmetic operations over integers with arbitrarily large length without any overflow

  • Registration App

    • Android app

  • Course Registration System

    • Made using Scriptcase and PHP

  • Text Classifier

    • Made using Java

    • Concept of Machine Learning (Naive Bayes Algorithm)

    • Takes 1 of the 8 groups of newsletters and predicts the group to which it belongs with 98% accuracy

  • Taxi System

    • Made using Java

    • Displays the shortest path between two places, the nearest available taxi at a given time, and the fare for a certain trip

    • Uses graph as the basic data structure

  • Search Engine

    • Made using Java

    • Search results in descending order of relevance

    • Can search for single word queries and even for AND, OR and phrase search queries

  • Pre-school wala Hindi-English-Maths

  • School wala GK-ES-Sanskrit-CS-History-Civics-Geography-Science-Maths

  • JEE wala PCM

  • 1st year wala applied mechanics,ED,calculus,linear algebra and stuff(read differential eq :p),intro to CS,intro to EE, physics, chemistry,mechanical workshop

  • 2nd year wala :

    • Discrete mathematics

    • Data Structures

    • Digital Logic and Design

    • Probability and Stochastic Processes

    • Principles of Electronic Materials

    • Computer Architecture

    • Programming Languages

    • Signals & Systems

    • Intro to Biology for Engineers B)

    • Economics

    • Design Practices (Android development)

You can find me in my room, or the common room of my hostel, or library, or some random room of some random block, or some random room of LHC, or GCL; yeah that's it.

Or you can always stay in touch with me via internet :p

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